Hearsay + Salesforce

Supercharge Advisor Production

Hearsay and Salesforce have partnered to empower your advisor teams to understand and communicate with clients seamlessly, using a complete system of deep knowledge and high-touch engagement at scale.

Hearsay + Salesforce Drives Client Engagement

Salesforce’s contextual client profiles allow instant access to the information advisors need to deliver personalized advice that earns lasting loyalty. But that context is only valuable when you have a complete picture of client activities. Hearsay integrates with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, as well as Salesforce Sales Cloud, to continuously and seamlessly capture all your advisors’ client engagements in a single, complete system of record.

Together, the Hearsay Advisor Cloud and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud enable financial services companies to:

  • Transform the customer experience across channels: Social signals and account triggers captured by Hearsay across digital channels tell advisors how to communicate seamlessly with proactive, compliant, and scalable 1-to-1 communications sent directly from Salesforce.
  • Surface actionable insights on clients, their household relationships, and valuable business networks, in a single definitive system of record. Help advisors connect to clients and their families in a whole new way.
  • Capture data for actionable analytics. Get up to 15x the data you usually do on client interactions, automatically synced to Salesforce, to drive the next best action. Field-level data enriches AI insights from Einstein, drives more accurate and critical workflows, and provides a comprehensive view of client relationships

For more information about how Hearsay can help you leverage Salesforce FSC or Sales Cloud, please fill out the form on the right and someone will contact you.