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Hearsay mail launch local programs section

Launch a local email marketing program that delivers value

Hearsay Mail makes it easy for advisors to capitalize on one of the most fundamental digital marketing channels. With open, click and response rates well above the industry average, your advisors increase client acquisition and retention — while saving countless hours on email outreach.

  • Accelerate prospecting with personalized email templates Advisors shouldn’t have to write the same email over and over. Speed up prospecting with advisor or marketing team generated templates, automatically personalized for each recipient.
  • Automatically nurture leads with email campaignsAdvisors easily subscribe clients and prospects to pre-built, automated email campaigns from Hearsay’s web or mobile app.
  • Increase conversion rates with email signals Advisors are notified when a recipient engages with their email, making it easy to follow-up with the right person at the right time.
  • Streamline compliance & supervision Hearsay’s Universal Supervision dashboard accelerates compliance with both regulatory and firm requirements, helping you launch your email program quickly and safely.