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As a core component of Hearsay Advisor Cloud, Hearsay Mail makes it easy for advisors to efficiently engage with clients through automated, personalized emails. Predictive content recommendations and the ability to integrate client engagement across channels help advisors build stronger relationships that grow business. The email solution includes a library of approved content, predictive content matching and campaign subscriptions, so advisors can easily use email to stay top of mind with customers.

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“In addition to social media, email continues to be one of the most pervasive ways people communicate today. There’s a significant opportunity for trust-driven industries like financial services to combine the efficiency provided by technology with the personal, one-to-one service from advisors that is essential to developing successful, meaningful relationships.”

Gregory Bailey, Co-Founder & CEO at Denim


“Today and over the next several years, digital technologies will become an increasingly important driving force for our thousands of agents around the world. Our global relationship with Hearsay allows us to empower our agents to excel on social networks and connect with customers.”

Monika Schulze, Global Head of Brand Marketing of Zurich Insurance Group

Personalized Emails for Higher Open Rates

Hearsay Mail enables advisors to send emails that look and feel like personal, one-to-one messages, so that customers are more likely to read them. With predictive content matching and an efficient send process, advisors can quickly send personalized emails to lists of contacts in a faster and more organized way than ever before. Our email solution takes the monotony out of composing individual messages through standard email software, making it simple to send great email.

Actionable Analytics Identify Content That Works

Hearsay Mail provides valuable email and content analytics to both advisors and marketing teams. Unlike generic open rates and click-through analytics provided by most email solutions, advisors get a complete view of each individual contact. Hearsay Advisor Cloud displays the emails a contact has received, what they’ve clicked and what campaigns they are subscribed to.

Prescriptive To-Do List Connects Email Content to Action

Regular touch points with clients increases retention and upsell, but identifying the right time to reach out can be time-consuming. Hearsay Advisor Cloud analyzes engagement across channels to identify the best leads or most appropriate time for advisors to reach out. The actionable to-do list suggests email content, so with a few clicks, advisors can send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Distribute Pre-Approved Marketing Content

With Hearsay Advisor Cloud, corporate marketing teams can distribute pre-approved emails to the field. Hearsay Mail also enables marketing teams to create email subscription campaigns based on specific themes and interests, so advisors can subscribe contacts to email campaigns with just a few clicks.

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