Marketing automation for advisors & agents

Help your advisors and agents grow their business automatically. With Campaigns, you can run integrated, automated marketing programs on behalf of every single rep.

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Help every advisor and agent grow business through digital marketing

Increase corporate marketing reach, referral traffic & lead generation

Drive supervision efficiency with pre-approved content

Campaigns automatically create sales opportunities

Your clients are out there, but advisors and agents need your help reaching them. Campaigns allow you to automate digital marketing for reps of every tenure, geography, and expertise.

  • Social MediaAdvisors automatically post engaging, relevant content to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Local SearchImprove every advisor and agent’s local search ranking and conversion rate by automatically posting educational content to their website.
  • EmailIncrease conversion and cross-sell rates by nurturing clients through targeted email drip campaigns.

Drive unprecedented adoption of your digital selling program

You need to provide an easy way for your advisors and agents to embrace your digital marketing initiatives. With Campaigns, you can make sure every advisor and agent reaps the benefits of digital marketing done right.

Get Started Immediately With Hearsay Content Campaigns

Hearsay automatically includes pre-built campaigns so you can get started quickly and save time going forward. Combine Hearsay Content Campaigns with your custom campaigns for a content mix that helps advisors and agents grow their business.

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Mark Teofilo
Social Media Consultant, CIBC
“Campaigns make it easy for advisors to be active without having to do the legwork of actually “being active.” They also provide the admin team the ability to push out and publish content fairly effortlessly and are great for organizing and adding content on an ongoing basis, along with insights that allow admins to determine the strategy of what content should go out at what exact time.”