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The Power of Local Advisor & Agent Digital Marketing

The Power of Local Advisor & Agent Digital Marketing

Five Ways to Maximize Advisor Success in the Digital Age

Business has always been local. Long before the internet was available in the palm of our hands, people shopped for goods and services by tapping into the social networks of the time. Today, people still turn to social networks to find what they are looking for — and, at the end of the day, people increasingly look to trusted professionals online and at the local level to help evaluate their needs.

Download this report to learn why local marketing is imperative and how financial services and insurance companies can make the shift to local marketing by:

  • Aligning their corporate brand with their local presence
  • Being findable through local, mobile-optimized advisor websites
  • Making content easy to access, share and measure across multiple channels
  • Enabling deeper client relationships through personalized communications
  • Integrating social media into local events-based strategies