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Wealth Management why hearsay section

Why Wealth Management Companies Choose Hearsay

The invaluable relationship between advisor and client is being disrupted by digital, social and mobile innovation. Hearsay understands the importance of this relationship and helps modernize advisor-client engagement with Hearsay Advisor Cloud, the complete client engagement platform. Hearsay Advisor Cloud enables efficient and compliant client engagement across digital channels including social networks, text messaging, websites and email, empowering wealth advisors to effectively use digital to build stronger relationships that grow business.

  • Build stronger relationships and increase AUM
  • Seamless advisor-client communication across social and mobile channels
  • Measure and analyze advisor activity across channels
  • Accelerate productivity with actionable to-do lists
  • Use content library to distribute pre-approved material
  • Supervise, capture and retain activity to address FINRA, SEC and other regulatory requirements
  • Efficient supervision with a universal view of advisor digital activity
  • Break down data silos, integrating client data from across the organization