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At work I have fun writing the best possible code, after work I love playing sports and being outdoors.


You might be wondering why I’m in a penguin costume, but I’m just surprised that you clicked through this far.


I’m a software engineer at Hearsay Social and enjoy playing board games (especially chess) and watching movies outside of work.


I’m an interaction developer on the design team. Outside of work, I can be found playing guitar and piano, or listening to some rock and roll vinyls 🙂


I went to school and SUNY Stony Brook and I’m excited to be an engineer at Hearsay. Away from work, I like playing sports rather than watching them and I love discovering new places.


This guy writes code and loves food.


I like playing sports, playing poker, reading, movies, listening to music, and playing video games. At Hearsay Social I work on the engineering team.


I’m an engineer and outside of work, I play soccer twice a week and spend weekends on the beach. A fun fact about me, I still don’t know how to swim.


I’m an engineering director at Hearsay Social who enjoys keeping up to date with all things Android. When I’m not trying to figure out why I airballed my last basketball shot, I’m trying to stay in shape running around the local reservoir.

Robert M.

I’m the luckiest son of a gun there is and you’re going to love to hate me.