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ZL Technologies Partners With Hearsay Social

ZL Technologies, an enterprise-class information governance provider, has formed a strategic partnership with Hearsay Social that pairs the strengths of ZL’s Unified Archive with Hearsay Social’s social media platform. The partnership enables regulated financial institutions to fully leverage the business benefits of fluid social engagement, while appropriately governing content for long-term management and FINRA and SEC compliance.

With ZL UA and Hearsay Social, corporate social media activity can be managed seamlessly for legal, compliance, storage, and records lifecycle needs all within a single-platform environment that consolidates all unstructured data for long-term management and access. The partnership empowers business users to implement Hearsay Social’s control and pre-review workflow and tools for managing social activity at scale, while leveraging ZL UA’s capacity for permanent management of diverse data types. The result is a defensible ecosystem where enterprise social media activity across multiple social networks can be granularly screened and preserved for compliance, all while being managed in the same comprehensive repository.


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