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Why Social Media Is Everyone’s Business — Yours Included

A decade ago, it was Google GOOGL -0.07% that was shaping much of the business world. Today, it’s social media. But individual employees, from the CEO to sales and marketing reps aren’t getting their hands dirty enough to understand it or benefit from it. This is the problem Hearsay Social CEO and author of the New York Times NYT +0.08%-featured bestseller “The Facebook FB +0.17% Era” Clara Shih sets out to address in her newest book, “The Social Business Imperative: Adapting Your Business Model to the Always-Connected Customer.”

Shih, who founded an enterprise software company called Hearsay Social in 2009 and serves on the board of Starbucks, uses her book as a plea and a guide to help business executives and professionals become productively involved in their firm’s social business and digital strategy. She explores the dangers of allocating social media and digital tasks to isolated teams, as well as the new opportunities social media, mobile messaging, the “Internet of things” and the sharing economy are giving companies. Her message, in short, is that social and digital is everyone’s job.

Her book was released on Monday online and in stores through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million, among others. Shih said her book is intended for any professionals who have delegated digital tasks to others or don’t think digital is part of their job, whether that be in sales, recruiting, IT, compliance, or on boards of directors and management teams.


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