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SMToolbox: Improving Performance in the Financial Industry with Hearsay Social

We are only just beginning to understand the potential of social media and how it can be deployed to solve business challenges. The first wave of social media tools contained far too many ‘me too’ social media monitoring tools that tracked activity such as followers and mentions just because they could. I believe we are now seeing the emergence of a second wave of social media tools that intelligently address specific business challenges. This week we take a look at how Hearsay Social has focused on the practical ways social media can support field sales staff and can help ensure compliance in the financial services industry.

Hearsay Social is a social media tool that is specifically focused on addressing some of the challenges in the financial services industry. The tool is focused on supporting field sales staff and ensuring compliance with complex regulations. There are three aspects of the tool which I wanted to highlight to demonstrate how social media tools can address real world business problems:

  • identifying prospects and buying opportunities
  • building local relationships
  • ensuring compliance


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