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The Secrets Of Generation Flux

If Wes Anderson ever conjures up a hipster mad scientist, he’ll look a lot like Aaron Levie, the cofounder and CEO of an Internet company called Box. Levie’s a mess of jangly nerves, topped by a wild mop of hair that he frets as he talks. And, man, can Levie talk, with a motormouth for technology, venture capital, corporate strategy, business history, startup culture, economic forecasting, and on and on and on. He showed up late for our lunch in Manhattan’s Tribeca, but not for lack of trying: He had actually run through the streets trying to arrive on time. “Fortunately, I have this,” Levie told me, pulling out an inhaler. Looking at him standing there, panting yet still bursting with kinetic energy, I could plainly see the vestiges of the kid he used to be.


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