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New Hearsay Social Solution Simplifies Social Media Compliance

Hearsay Social, provider of the Predictive Social Suite for financial advisors and insurance agents, this week announced the launch of the new Universal Supervision experience for social media and website content, designed to make it easier and faster for financial services companies to enforce compliance policies.

The new universal review system and interface are now available to all supervision and compliance users of Hearsay Social. The Universal Supervision experience makes the process of monitoring and reviewing advisor social media and website activity more efficient by streamlining common workflows and surfacing contextual information critical to a supervisor’s day-to-day activities.

The new solution is described in more detail below.

Leading from the front: Hearsay Social worked closely with compliance and supervision users of its Compliance Solution to develop the new Universal Supervision system. The company’s engineers and product managers studied review patterns across many financial services organizations to gather information on what tasks were slowing down the supervision process and what could be done to improve daily efficiency. The team also focused on enhancing the activities where users were spending the most time.

Powerful filtering and flexible views: With the Universal Supervision experience, supervision professionals have new powerful filtering options. The new capabilities allow users to build custom, saved views so that every time they return to the Hearsay Social Enterprise Platform, they have the most relevant information at their fingertips to easily and effectively perform their roles. In addition, the system is intelligent enough to detect compliance and supervision users’ roles and permissions in the organization to show only those items that are relevant to them.

Universal Supervision provides more context: The Universal Supervision experience brings all contextual information around an individual advisor’s activities and content into a single, central dashboard so that the supervisor has a complete view on an advisor and the activity in review. For example, all static content will have a view showing what was previously approved on Hearsay Social and what change was requested by the advisor to help the supervisor make an informed decision on the current action in review.

Major efficiency gains: The features that are built into the Universal Supervision experience allow for visual differences in long-form content approvals. Now, instead of having to look at a whole piece of content, compliance and supervision users can quickly make a decision based on what specifically has changed. The new system also highlights content adds, edits, and deletes for easy identification.

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