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Mandarin Oriental’s Monika Nerger on Tech Collaborations and What It Takes to Become CIO

Earlier this year, Accenture asserted: “The debate is no longer about whether chief marketing officers (CMOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) should align. It is how.” Originally positioned as a turf war between “old tech” (CIO) and “new tech” (CMO), the conversation has rightfully shifted to one of partnership and collaboration.

“Neither role has the depth of experience required to manage this space independent of the other,” Monika Nerger, CIO of Mandarin Oriental told me in an email interview, adding: “I think CIOs are becoming marketing savvy by default – the need to understand social media, digital marketing, mobile e-commerce, etc. is inherent to business. You could also argue that CMOs are equally becoming more tech savvy by necessity.”

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