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Is Your Business Maximizing Its Social Presence?

Hearsay Social CEO discusses how insurance professionals can better leverage social media for their success.

Most insurers are aware of social media’s importance but not all are using these platforms to their full potential. Some businesses, such as Ingenie, haveleveraged social media to grow their consumer base while others struggle to maximize its effectiveness.

Social media is rapidly growing in the financial services space, explained Clara Shih, CEO of Hearsay Social, in a meeting with I&T. These projects are no longer driven by concerns about compliance and confined to social media teams. The popularity of social media among consumers has made it critical to strategic business growth, said Shih.

Now that social media has become an integral component of proactive business strategy, it is also a responsibility for each employee. Executives, managers and agents must have active social accounts in order to drive consumer engagement and business success.

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