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How Can Insurers Expand Their Social Strategy?

Hearsay Social CTO Steve Garrity says creative insurers can develop strategies for different social networks.

Hearsay Social announced the next version of its social selling software today. Geared toward industries that, like insurance, use a distributed sales force, new capabilities include advanced analytics and alerts, as well as streamlined mobile access.

“We’ve got a bunch of machine learning technology behind the scenes now,” CTO Steve Garrity told Insurance & Technology. “It’s a view of everything that’s happening for you at the agent level. Importantly, it deals with timing: this person just got married, or just had a baby.”

Garrity says that this allows insurance agents to connect with those customers at the inflection point in their lives to suggest better insurance coverage. In addition, the company announced the Hearsay Social Brand Solution, which allows corporate marketers at the enterprise level access to similar social tools for higher-level social campaigns.

“People were adapting our existing tools to do it, so we decided we’re going to solve this so they wouldn’t have to piece it together,” Garrity explained. “It’s got massively improved fidelity on publishing, as well as calendaring and campaign planning tools for interaction and workflow.”

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