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Hearsay Social, Inc. Unveils Hearsay 360, the Complete Client Engagement Platform for Financial Advisors

Update: Hearsay 360 is now Advisor Cloud

Hearsay 360 enables advisors to deliver a consistent client experience across social, mobile and web; leverages predictive data to suggest “next best actions” for advisors to efficiently create and strengthen client relationships

Hearsay 360 LogoSAN FRANCISCO – August 17, 2016 – Hearsay Social, Inc. today announced Hearsay 360, the complete client engagement platform that enables financial advisors and insurance agents to efficiently and compliantly build stronger client relationships across social media, advisor websites, email and text messaging.

By removing the compliance and usability barriers that prevent many advisors from communicating with clients on digital channels, Hearsay 360 transforms how advisors spend their time prospecting and relationship-building.

Gathering client engagement data across social, advisor websites, email and text, Hearsay 360 gives advisors a holistic view of clients’ digital behaviors. With this information, the platform’s predictive analytics will suggest which client or activities an advisor should react to via an automated list of recommendations on what they should do based on the activity or content that is likely to be most effective. It also enables the advisor to act on those suggested actions, all in just a few clicks.

For financial firms, Hearsay 360 not only provides complete visibility into all advisor digital marketing, it also easily plugs-and-plays with other core enterprise systems such as compliance archives and corporate CRM systems.

“Hearsay 360 is the complete client engagement platform that allows advisors to go to one place to manage their social, digital and mobile interactions,” said Mark Gilbert, Global Vice President of Product at Hearsay Social. “At the same time, Hearsay 360 allows firms to begin measuring large data sets of digital interactions across their entire field organization, laying an important foundation for efficient and effective advisor outreach and optimization down the road.”

“Hearsay Social has been a terrific partner for Janney over the past few years and with the new Hearsay 360 solution, we are excited to continue to improve and update the advisor-client experience,” said Timothy Scheve, President and CEO at Janney Montgomery Scott. “Our clients expect to be able to seamlessly communicate with their advisors across digital channels, but with a distributed advisor force in a highly regulated industry, this omnichannel client experience isn’t always easy. Thankfully, Hearsay Social delivers unique technology that makes digital easy for advisors, while providing the robust compliance and field management functionality that our firm needs.”

“Google, Amazon and Facebook have set customer expectations for every industry, as evidenced by the rise of roboadvisors and direct-to-consumer online options in financial services,” said Clara Shih, CEO and founder of Hearsay Social. “Advisors know they must modernize or risk becoming irrelevant, but they feel underserved or overwhelmed by existing digital marketing programs. Hearsay 360 makes it easy for even the most tech-averse advisors to be findable, proactive and responsive wherever their clients are, including on social, web, text and email.”

For Advisors and Agents: Intelligent Client Engagement That Grows Business

Hearsay 360 makes it easy for advisors to connect with clients when it matters the most, saving them time and eliminating guesswork. For example:

●      If a client demonstrates interest in an advisor’s social media post by commenting or reacting to it, the advisor will be alerted to respond via Hearsay 360’s automated list with a suggested action based on what’s likely to be most effective, such as sending a personalized email.

●      With a few clicks, the advisor can send a pre-approved, compliant email that matches the client’s interests.

For Corporate Teams: Unified Data and Field Management Across Sales, Compliance, and Marketing

At the enterprise level, Hearsay 360 provides unrivaled cross-functional oversight and management of advisor activity and data:

●      Sales and distribution leaders can improve performance and retention by offering advisors a powerful new tool that helps them work smarter, not harder, all while gaining increased visibility into field activity.

●      Compliance teams can efficiently supervise what types of content are shared with clients through pre-approval and/or post-review. Hearsay 360’s lexicon monitoring and message archiving allow them to meet regulatory requirements.

●      Marketing teams can amplify corporate brand messages and campaigns through their localized advisor teams, recommend content for advisors to share, and access robust analytics from the field.

For More Information

Visit the Hearsay Social blog for more details about Hearsay 360.

About Hearsay Social

Hearsay Social, Inc. offers the complete client engagement solution for financial services, empowering advisors and agents to effectively use digital to build stronger relationships that grow business. Its Hearsay 360 platform is used by more than 150,000 advisors and agents at the world’s largest financial services and insurance companies including New York Life, Raymond James, Vanguard and Penn Mutual.

Hearsay 360 enables efficient and compliant client engagement across digital channels including social networks, text messaging, websites and email. Its prescriptive technology processes and prioritizes data across digital channels and systems and suggests what advisors should do next, saving them time and eliminating guesswork. For the enterprise, Hearsay 360 unifies client engagement from across the organization, breaking down functional silos and providing relationship building and accountability for sales; brand governance and amplification for marketing; efficient supervision and review for compliance; and an open enterprise-ready platform for IT.

Hearsay Social is a SIFMA strategic partner, LIMRA Elite Strategic partner, GAMA partner and MBA associate member, and has raised $51 million from Sequoia Capital, NEA and private investors. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with teams in New York, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Toronto, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. Connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Hearsay Social blog.


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