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Hear That? It’s Your Financial Adviser Tweeting.

Judging by his Facebook page, it would seem that Jeffrey E. Blum experienced a surge of patriotic inspiration around July 4. Mr. Blum, a financial adviser, posted no fewer than 12 updates with good wishes and trivia about the holiday.

But the messages — “The 4th of July wasn’t declared a national holiday until 1941,” for example — were not written by him. Mr. Blum, 53, who is based in Westlake Village, Calif., was testing a social media program that his firm, Raymond James Financial, views as a potential source of new business.

Raymond James plans to announce on Thursday that it will use software from Hearsay Social, a start-up company based in San Francisco, to help its thousands of financial advisers use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The effort is among the more extensive efforts by a financial firm to mine the benefits of social media.


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