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Five to Watch: The New School – The 2015 IA 35 for 35

By design, the 2015 edition of the IA 25—this year, the IA 35 for 35—is meant to take the long view, specifically looking at the people who have influenced the industry in its first 35 years. We would be remiss, however, not to honor those visionaries and business builders who are influential now, will be over the next year and may well be for the next 35 years. One editor made a strong argument, for instance, in favor of Michael Kitces, the polymath of financial planning, as being someone who is already among the most influential people in and around the industry; similar arguments could be made for all this year’s honorees.

Take Laurie Belew, who in addition to her day job as a planner at FJY Financial (that’s Fox, Joss and Yankee) and chair of the firm’s investment committee, is also the 2015 president of the FPA’s NexGen community. Using their own experience, she literally wrote the paper with two colleagues on how to implement an internship program at a planning firm (Implementing Internships).

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