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Ahead of their time: Rebels, leaders and innovators

Lucky for us, there are young leaders eager to change the world and go against the status quo. In this volatile world challenged by booming populations, climate change, political unrest and sweeping technological transformation, these visionaries offer a dose of inspiration. Here are the next generation of trailblazers who CNBC (and our trusty advisory board) believe will be instrumental in reshaping all facets of society—including business, finance, science and technology—over the next 25 years.

This NEXT LIST—which follows the CNBC First 25—includes just some of the entrepreneurs, financiers, inventors and executives who are working on innovative solutions to global challenges. Already many have sparked transformative changes in their respective industries and disciplines. (Read about our criteria here.)

The list is not intended to be, nor can be, comprehensive or definitive—which is where you come in. You may know other pioneers who deserve honorable mention, so we invite you to peer into the future and weigh in on our picks. Submit your suggestions in the form below our list.

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