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3 Ways to Drive Sales Via Agent Social Media

Successful agents differentiate themselves by building social media best practices into their regular routine to prospect, connect, and grow their customer base — and reap the rewards of earned loyalty.

Insurance agents are some of the most natural social networkers on the planet. They were educating clients, investing in long-term relationships, and growing their businesses through word-of-mouth referrals long before social media and mobile technologies existed. Not surprisingly, over 70% of insurance agents and financial advisors today use some form of social media to engage customers, according to a 2012 FTI consulting survey. Yet not all of these busy insurance professionals have figured out how to tap into Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to increase their book of business.

What are successful agents doing that sets them apart? They invest in relationships offline and online.

During the first wave of social business, many insurers rushed to get as many “likes” as possible for their brand’s Facebook page, but these failed to convert into tangible return on investment. Today, insurers with captive or non-captive field forces recognize that the true ROI will come from enabling their agents on social media. What follows are three key ways that smart agents leverage social media to build stronger relationships and increase sales.


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