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Daegis Axs-One

Daegis Archive and eDiscovery is a division of Daegis Inc. (NASDAQ: DAEG), providing end-to-end archive and eDiscovery software with specialized services. Daegis simplifies and reduces the cost of information governance and eDiscovery while mitigating risk by improving data management. Daegis solutions are purpose-built by industry experts with deep influence from practicing professionals. Its products include the Daegis Edge eDiscovery platform, Daegis Acumen technology-assisted review and the Daegis AXS-One Archive. Services include managed document review, professional services, project management, search analytics consulting, collection and client support. Daegis clients represent a wide range of IT and legal constituents across a broad range of industries, from law firms and corporate legal departments to IT departments and government agencies. Daegis clients depend on the company to provide single, end-to-end solutions that deliver successful results on time and on budget. Daegis is headquartered in Irving, Texas. Additional U.S. offices are located in Roseville, Calif. and Rutherford, NJ. Daegis’ international offices are located in London, England; Warsaw, Poland; and Sydney, Australia.


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