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Tiburon CEO Summit

Tiburon’s CEO Summit provides a unique opportunity for a select cross-industry group of senior executives to discuss a broad swath of issues regarding the future of the banking, brokerage, investments, insurance, advice, & wealth management businesses. Hearsay Social CEO and Founder Clara Shih, will be sitting on a panel to add what she sees for the future of the industries. Tiburon’s CEO Summits likely provide one of the only true forums where financial services industry CEOs from across traditional industry silos gather to discuss business opportunities. 

Tiburon CEO Summits focuses on in-depth discussions of Tiburon research and leading-edge business models through guest presentations, panel discussions, and break-out sessions. Guest speakers often address industry mergers & acquisitions, venture capital & private equity trends, corporate governance, & public policy issues. Panel discussions are structured to solicit opinions from various industry players, including consumers, financial advisors, gatekeepers, stock analysts, venture capitalists, investment bankers, private equity investors, journalists, & others. Break-out sessions allow for more in-depth discussions on timely topics as chosen by attendees.



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