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Safeguarding Social during COVID-19

We’ve all seen the myths – many of us (author included) have fallen for them. Hold your breath for 10 seconds and you don’t have the coronavirus. Hand dryers kill the virus… garlic kills the virus. So many that the WHO has a dedicated myth-busting page.

In highly fluid, turbulent times, the risk of misinformation is heightened. We’re increasingly susceptible to both consuming and spreading content with misinformation. Social media and other client engagement channels are the front lines of this issue. For our customers, it’s critical to be proactive and provide a steady drip of updates to keep clients continuously informed. However, financial institutions need to ensure what goes out is both accurate and representative of a firm’s view.

To address these challenges, Hearsay’s compliance team has proactively built protective measures. For one, we’ve built a lexicon designed to identify, prevent and track particularly sensitive communications related to COVID-19. This offers a scalable, intelligent defence layer for your teams on the front lines of compliance, so your supervisors can focus on the highest-risk violations. And by capturing this information, business and compliance leaders can better understand how their field is operating amidst the pandemic and better assess the overall impact their efforts may have on policies, accounts, holdings and more.

Beyond suffering reputational and firm risk, spreading misinformation can put your clients and professionals at risk and contribute to broad hysteria. So how can we defend against this while keeping critical channels like social open to engaging clients and prospects?

  • Implement Safeguards. Leverage a dedicated lexicon in your supervision process to quickly identify and review client engagements that focus on COVID-19. This will help surface the most sensitive of communications, and offer your compliance teams the chance to review and remediate if necessary. We’ve built a COVID-19 lexicon that amplifies our Risk Meter and AI-powered alert system to surface and remediate risky posts for our customers. Together these tools offer better coverage and defense against digital risk while reducing the risk of misinformation on social, websites, and texting by focusing supervision on the most critical areas.
  • Stay on Top of the Data. By tracking COVID-19 communications, leadership has a direct view into field engagement insights in this environment. The information being shared can have material impact on their business going forward – it could impact renewal rates, coverage terms, portfolios, and client satisfaction. This is a time to dig deeper into the data to facilitate best behaviors and practices that drive loyalty.
  • Promote Trusted Sources. In addition, we recommend organizations build out their social content libraries with easy-to-share, trusted content with messaging from the corporate team or from a trusted senior official. Since this is the primary news topic, it’s also a great time to source third-party content from trusted industry sources. Hearsay offers curated content to our customers as well as offers the ability to “whitelist” – or trust – specific domains so you can more effectively source accurate, reliable content.
  • Adapt Quickly. Developments – both market and cultural – are extremely fluid during these times. Content that was suitable yesterday may not be today, and may even appear out of touch or insensitive. For instance, customers of ours had March Madness and spring break vacation posts planned. Hearsay’s Dynamic Campaigns allow for content to be quickly removed, affecting all subscribers and ensuring inappropriate content is removed.

Overall, encourage your teams to communicate openly with clients. It’s critical for advisors to proactively and immediately reach out to reassure clients that they have a firm grasp on their financial goals and are monitoring the situation. But protect them and your firm – ensure you have the tools and processes in place to quickly identify and effectively remediate any problematic communications.

Biometric and In-App PIN Security to Enhance Secure Client Engagement via Texting are Here

New in-app PIN and biometric security features have been added to the Hearsay Relate mobile app to further mitigate end-user vulnerabilities and risk for your firm. Though we’re proud that we’re the first solution in the industry to offer this high level of privacy and security across both iOS and Android devices, for advisor texting and cellular calling capabilities, we also see it as an opportunity for our customers to provide their clients with an extra level of security and peace of mind.
As the financial services industry has begun to embrace BYOD corporate device policies, there’s been a steady increase in the rise of attacks on mobile devices. But there’s no going back. Advisors and agents need to be connected at all times and they need it to be easy. At the same time, corporate IT and compliance teams need secure and compliant solutions.

With over 9 years serving the heavily regulated financial services industry with forward-thinking and data-driven advisor-client engagement technology, compliance and security are in our DNA. We follow the regulatory guidelines closely and added these new security measures to ensure that every agent and advisor meets the mobile application security guidance provided in FINRA’s 2018 Report on Selected Cybersecurity Practices.
By adding biometric and PIN-based security features to Hearsay Relate, its innovative, compliant voice, text messaging, and advisor workflow product, Hearsay increases the protection available for both company and client data at the application level. Because this additional layer of security doesn’t require device management, it enables protection on managed and unmanaged devices to support all mobility models (BYOD, CYOD and COPE) without affecting end-user productivity. It provides advisors and agents with a simple and familiar way to securely access private client conversations.

New Features Make It Simple to Protect Client Data and Communications

Hearsay Relate provides a dedicated mobile business number for compliant texting and cellular calling across web and mobile devices. Every call and text are automatically logged to CRM and WORM-compliant archives, saving advisors and agents time-consuming data entry while enabling corporate visibility into field activity. The Relate application can also trigger click-to-call or click-to-text workflows from other corporate systems such as lead follow-up, billing reminders, or claim management. Additionally, Hearsay Relate leverages an automated FINRA compliance data model and supervision engine, which saves compliance officers hours of manual approvals per day.
With the latest security enhancements, Hearsay Relate utilizes the device’s preferred biometric security method – fingerprint or facial recognition – while providing a fallback option to use a unique in-app PIN to grant users nearly instant access to client conversations. This also ensures that sensitive data stored within the Relate application is protected behind an additional wall of security while preventing sensitive data from being accessed if a device is compromised. These features do not just safeguard from hackers. For example, if an agent’s or advisor’s child finds his or her parent’s phone, the child can’t start texting their clients.
If you haven’t started using Hearsay Relate yet, you can learn more at

Hearsay Cloud is now SOC 2 Certified: That’s an extra layer of data protection for your customers…

Today, virtually every website you visit is collecting various amounts of your data, with varying levels of security. And chances are good that within the last week or two, you either heard a news story or got a notice of a data breach.
Even in financial services where regulations enforced by FINRA and other agencies are strict, customer data is compromised far too often. Like every other industry, financial services firms store almost every bit of customer information online (i.e., in the cloud). The data gold mines that are wealth and asset management firms, insurance providers, and banks are a tempting target for hackers.

If you’re using Hearsay, your customer data just got safer. We recently underwent a SOC 2 audit by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and were awarded SOC 2 compliance. SOC 2 is one of the most common compliance requirements that technology companies need to meet today. It is specifically designed for service providers storing customer data in the cloud. While considered a technical audit, it goes beyond technology to establish strict information security policies and procedures for managing customer data based on five “trust service principles” – security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. To be compliant, service providers must have clear, well-documented, proven strategies around all five of these topics.

Source: AICPA

Why does SOC 2 Compliance Matter to Hearsay?

If you’re in IT or have any experience in the world of infrastructure, you may know that SOC 2 compliance isn’t a requirement for SaaS and cloud computing vendors. Even most financial services clients require that vendors who store their customer data in the cloud either be SOC 2 compliant or “leverage a provider who is compliant”. Many providers do indeed rely on their IaaS or managed hosting provider – i.e., AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure – to meet the SOC 2 compliance requirement.
However, the SaaS and cloud computing companies who are truly serious about data protection know that simply meeting SOC 2 through leveraging AWS’ certification, for example, is no longer sufficient. With Hearsay’s SOC 2 certification, customers can be assured that Hearsay has end-to-end defined security controls across the entire organization, ensuring an extra layer of protection for your customer data.
As data security becomes an ever-increasing concern and attacks become more sophisticated, we believe this is crucial for every SaaS and cloud provider that does business with financial services companies. Handling customer data according to strict guidelines is at the forefront of our operations. It’s more than ticking a box – it’s a reflection of our commitment to building trusted client relationships.
If you’re going through a security review or doing pre-sales due diligence, we can share our own internal SOC 2 report – just ask.

SEC Reg BI: Here’s How Hearsay Can Help

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. Compliance experts have been talking about these changes since April 2018, when our own Deep Kingra participated in a compliance conference where experts discussed how the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would carry forward the “Best Interest Rule” originally promulgated by the Department of Labor. Those experts predicted SEC action in May of 2018. One year later, the SEC finally followed through. On June 5, 2019, the SEC voted 3-1 to raise the bar on the standard of conduct for how brokers and advisors operate. By passing the new Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI), the new Form CRS Relationship Summary, and updating two separate interpretations under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the SEC is enhancing “the quality and transparency of retail investors’ relationships with advisers and broker-dealers…while preserving (in terms of choice and cost) a variety of investment services and products.”

Some, like SIFMA President & CEO, Ken Bentsen, say this is a big win for the industry and investors alike, imposing substantial new requirements and ramifications for those found to be out of compliance. Others, like AARP don’t think it goes far enough to protect investors contending the new rules leave too much ambiguity and can easily confuse investors.

Regardless of whether the rules go far enough, there are definite actions firms will need to take before the transition deadline of June 30, 2020. Reg BI and the new advice reform package will require brokers and advisors to change their operations, including mandatory disclosures, marketing materials and compliance systems. The good news, Hearsay customers, is that Hearsay is here to help.

Four Ways Hearsay Can Help with Reg BI Compliance

Pre-approved content: Organizations will soon have an affirmative obligation to demonstrate that certain marketing materials sent to clients serve that client’s best interest. Features such as Hearsay’s Content Library allow Hearsay customers to pre-review and approve content before advisors send those communications to their clients. Customers are able to adapt their current work activities to Reg BI requirements without substantial change management.

Proof of action: Organizations will now have to affirmatively prove that an organization is serving a customer’s best interest. Hearsay Cloud’s compliance layer helps here by archiving all communications sent by advisors through Heasay software, allowing organizations to not only show records of communication, but to show those records within the context of the full conversation between the advisor and client.

Profile automation API: Reg BI also placed emphasis on mandatory disclosures and how advisors market themselves to the general public. This will have a concrete impact to advisor profiles on social media and biographical information on an advisor website. Organizations will need technological assistance to ensure continued compliance with these requirements. With the soon to be released (Q3 2019) profile automation API, Hearsay customers will be able to analyze and update broker / advisor profiles at scale. Profiles include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and advisor websites.

Professional Services engagement: In a recent audit of one client’s field social profiles, the client discovered only 11% had mandatory disclosures included. Reg BI will not leave room for that kind of lax compliance. The Hearsay Professional Services team can help you determine what your specific Reg BI challenges are and how we can help.

Are there other ways you can think of that we haven’t discussed here? Reach out to your customer success manager to learn more.

Hearsay expands Advisor Cloud to partner with the critical systems you rely on

New integrations allow advisor firms and insurance companies to leverage Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, DocuSign and more, to make high-quality social publishing, client engagement and field insights easier than ever

It’s no surprise that enterprises use a variety of tools in support of data-driven sales and marketing. No one platform can do everything you need. In theory, all of these tools make life easier and improve outcomes. But who among us hasn’t experienced the complexity of manually integrating data from two, three or more systems and putting it all together in Excel? Improving results and saving time with today’s software is only possible when systems talk to each other. At Hearsay, we’re doing our part by aligning our product and integration strategy alongside our customers needs.

System integration is nothing new to Hearsay; for years our customers have been able to sync Salesforce, Microsoft, or any other CRM they may be using, as well as their existing archiving vendor, using our compliant digital communications platform. Now, we have extended the Advisor Cloud platform further to integrate with other core systems, notably content management systems, e-signature, business intelligence, data visualization and more.

As we continue to expand the Hearsay platform to become a core component of our customers’ respective ecosystems, we are laser-focused on delivering solutions and workflows that complement and add to the systems our customers rely on every day.

Hearsay Integration Use Cases

The leading financial services firms leverage the Hearsay platform and our extensible APIs to solve critical challenges facing their businesses.

Share all content with Content Management Systems integration

By integrating with content management systems such as Adobe Experience Manager or Sitecore, your best-in-class corporate content can now be shared seamlessly with field advisors and agents with a single click.  Your field can now easily access your highest quality marketing content for quick and simple compliant distribution to their networks via social and personal websites. Firms can significantly expand the reach of marketing efforts, provide agents and advisors with the most engaging content, and more accurately measure content performance and the impact that content has in delivering results for the field. It saves marketers valuable time too, by eliminating the need to enter content into two different systems and syncing advisor/agent-client interactions back for tracking.

Enhance critical data points for Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Hearsay already provides embedded analytics, powered by Looker. But for customers using other business intelligence and data visualization platforms such as Tableau, Power BI or SAP BI, integrating Hearsay can help surface critical new data points. For instance, Hearsay Relate offers metadata that has been missing from customers’ core systems (texts, call data, etc.). By combining this with a tool like Tableau, sales leaders glean actionable insights, i.e. engagement data that can help identify gaps in coverage where reps are under-resourced. As a result, teams can operate far more efficiently.

Compliant document execution over any channel

Hearsay APIs also help automate and facilitate the timely execution of critical client documents. Hearsay integrates with Docusign, for instance, to deliver paperwork on the client’s preferred channel to advance advisor/agent productivity — all while remaining compliant. Then with Hearsay Relate, any questions about documents can be answered immediately. All of these activities are automatically logged into core systems so agents and advisors, as well as leadership, get a clear picture of the status of critical documents.

Is there something you want to integrate with Hearsay that’s not outlined here? We’d love to talk about it to see how we can support you.
While Hearsay APIs may be the most noteworthy release, we’ve made several other updates and upgrades since the year began. Customers can see them here.

Publish More Content, Get More Compliant?

Hearsay Insights Proves It Can Happen

It might sound counterintuitive, but it’s true: the more content customers started publishing through Hearsay Social Dynamic campaigns, the less non-compliant content alerts started coming in. In 2018 there was a 52% increase in automated content published and at the same time a 46% decrease in alerts created.
Publishing 2017-2018                                             

Compliance Alerting 2017-2018

Let’s take a step back to the beginning of the story.

The Evolution from Suggested Posts to Social Automation

In 2017 a majority of our marketing admins focused their strategy on building up a robust content library that their field team could leverage for relevant posts. The advisor/agent would leverage the content and add their own individual touch to the post.

Enter automation. With 2018’s introduction of Dynamic Campaigns, marketing admins began to create automated campaigns which included content they added to their Hearsay libraries. With just a little bit of structure, it was now possible to enable the field with a fully automated campaign around any topic that may be of interest to their customer base. This meant that:

  • Marketing could now easily create full campaigns around industry topics like tax planning or college savings, or non-industry topics like holidays or health – any relevant topic for which they had content
  • With just a click they could notify advisors and agents that an automated campaign was available for subscription
  • Advisors and agents could subscribe to a campaign, essentially ‘set and forget’ their social media and let it work for them

It was easy for the field to know which campaign was right for them based on the campaign description: who was it designed for (social audience), who is best suited to participate (field) and how often content would be added.

Advisors and agents valued spending less time on their social media efforts. Whereas with individual content pieces or suggested posts, they often updated the ‘lead in’ (the post that marketing wrote for them attached to the article), with Dynamic Campaigns they placed control in the marketing teams hands in favor of time savings and increased productivity.

Since marketing knew all the rules and only provided pre-approved content in Dynamic Campaigns, and advisors and agents weren’t adding their personal flair to social postings, this organically led to a decrease in alerts.

2019 and Beyond: An Increase in Marketing Efficiency

In order to make the lives of our corporate marketing customers easier, we’ve prioritized ways to integrate with the tools they use to create and manage their corporate digital experience – tools like Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Oracle Marketing Cloud. They have been able to easily push content from these tools to their corporate-owned channels, they were unable to reach the field advisor.

To create a better experience for both corporate and the field, late last year our Professional Services division began offering the ability to sync content between Hearsay and content management platforms. Using Hearsay APIs for 2-way sync between a client’s CMS and the Hearsay Content Library, corporate marketing teams can now avoid entering content in two locations and easily push content to the field. Time savings and increased productivity in one API! And advisors and agents can quickly access and easily share the same high-quality content being created by the corporate marketing team. Throughout 2019 we will continue to focus on scoping and customizing CMS system integrations with our clients. We look forward to helping you with yours!

Hearsay’s January Product Release is Here

At Hearsay we have one prime directive: help advisors grow their business. So when we heard that $68 TRILLION dollars was set to be up for grabs, we went to work on a way for advisors to stake their claim.

Introducing Hearsay Social for Instagram: The Social Media Platform of Choice for the Next Generation

Over the next few decades, approximately $68 trillion is set to transition across generations in what is being called “The Great Wealth Transfer.” Yet to date, advisors and insurance agents have struggled to effectively engage with younger potential investors and clients.
At a whopping 1 billion users – 70% of whom are under 35 – Instagram is a platform advisors and insurance agents can’t afford to ignore. For millennials and Gen X, Instagram is the second most popular social network. Both generations have massive buying power and both will have considerable need for financial advice as “the great wealth transfer” starts to become a reality.
To tap into this market, advisors and agents need a way to build trust and gain mindshare with the next generation of clients who:

  • Don’t generally work with their parents’ advisors
  • Seek the financial independence it takes to retire early (epitomized by the “FIRE” movement)
  • Don’t prioritize insurance and
  • Are potentially poised to inherit up to $68 Trillion in financial and non-financial assets over the next 30-40 years.

The path to success here lies in helping them deploy a coordinated digital strategy across multiple channels and enabling them to rapidly respond with automation and delegation.
To meet this challenge, we’re excited to announce that Hearsay Social now fully supports Instagram. As a mobile-first platform, Hearsay Social Dynamic Campaign Instagram Social Media PostInstagram complements Hearsay’s abilities to empower field advisors and agents while they’re away from their office. Adding this critical network to the Hearsay Advisor Cloud further enables advisors and agents to engage with the increasingly vital “next generation.”
By leveraging Instagram, an advisor can build and grow their network by posting engaging content about a trend in the market or an insurance agent can share the latest clever ad campaign (have you seen those Allstate ads?). And with Hearsay’s addition of Triggered Advisor Actions and Hearsay Relate over the last year, advisors can quickly respond to potential new clients by utilizing powerful workflows with one-click follow-up via text (newsflash: millennials don’t read email) or mobile calling. Personalized, compliant communication is instant and simple. Read more in the Press Release.
Of course, adding a new social network to your program might seem daunting. That is why we have the hands-on training, implementation and support options you need to get your program off the ground. We’ll partner with you to help design an industry-specific approach to Instagram that is tailored to meet your unique objectives and provide you with the dashboards and reporting to measure your results and generate program insights. As always, we maintain vigilance when it comes to compliance to make sure you meet the rigorous regulatory requirements of financial services.

Beyond Instagram

Hearsay Social for Instagram is part of a bigger January release that includes other user experience improvements. Here are a few highlights:
PDF Capture of 3rd Party Links: For compliance and program admins, Hearsay Social now makes it easier to meet FINRA’s guidance around capturing and archiving the contents of a 3rd party link.
Hearsay Help Center: For all users, we invested in an overhaul of the Hearsay Help Center. In addition to a new design for improved user and support experience, we added our technical documentation portal for easy reference.
Contact Management: We refreshed our Contacts experience across the Hearsay Platform. It’s easier to add, edit and manage contacts in Social, 1-to-1 Outreach and Relate.

Hearsay’s December Product Release is Here

The holidays are upon us and with them comes our final product release of the year!

This release is packed with presents for admins, field leaders, agents and advisors to drive more value from your programs next year. You’ll find brand-new features for the Hearsay Platform, and new and improved functionality in Hearsay Social and Hearsay Relate.
What’s new?

For the Hearsay Platform:

Introducing Insights: A brand new reporting and analytics experience
Insights is the first important step to transforming the way you visualize and analyze the performance of your Hearsay programs. All clients are now able to benefit from this new reporting and analytics experience across the Hearsay Platform.

Insights provides robust dashboards and real-time reports to quickly assess program performance and take a proactive, data-driven approach toward optimizing results. Your data is surfaced in a highly visual, easy-to-consume format. It’s simple to see what’s working well, where there’s opportunity and to easily share findings with your colleagues. You can begin to deliver the data you demand, laying the groundwork for more impactful BI, CRM, and core systems integrations.

Improved Desktop User Experience
We’ve released a completely refreshed interface for a simpler and more intuitive desktop user experience. With a modern design, enhanced findability and a streamlined experience for multi-product clients, it’s easy to navigate between solutions.

For Hearsay Social:

Drive Campaign Subscriptions from the Action List  
Campaigns – both Dynamic and Relative – automate publishing to ensure even the busiest agents and advisors can still generate awareness on social media and publish fresh content to their websites. Agents and advisors can save more time by subscribing to campaigns directly from the Action List with a single click, increasing campaign subscription rates and growing the reach of home office content.

1-to-1 Outreach Enhancements
A number of new 1-to-1 Outreach features help users unlock more valuable interactions with clients and prospects:

  • Seamless Onboarding: A new quick and easy onboarding experience for 1-to-1 Outreach guides advisors and agents through critical in-app features to drive adoption and long-term product use.
  • Email Nurture Campaigns: Advisors and agents can now leverage email campaigns to automatically share content to better nurture their clients and prospects.
  • Email Campaign Starter Pack: Your field now has an easy way to launch email campaigns with pre-built starter packs that are specifically tailored to your industry.

For Hearsay Relate:

Send MMS Text Messages with Hearsay Relate
Advisors using the Relate web application can now attach files or photos (known as MMS messages) to their text messages. Advisors and agents can now communicate with clients in other ways through text, such as ensuring documents are received in good order or highlighting important information for clients.
As you engage clients and prospects with these new features, we look forward to hearing your feedback. Our next product release will be in January – see you in the new year!

Hearsay’s October Product Release is Here

We’re excited to announce that our latest product release is now generally available!
Our 7th release of the year includes brand-new features for the Hearsay Platform, as well as new and improved functionality inside Hearsay Social, Hearsay Sites, and Hearsay Relate. As always, many of our updates to the platform work seamlessly across products. This makes it easy for you to help advisors use multiple digital channels — all from one place.
What’s new?

For the Hearsay Platform:

Advisor Actions
Advisors waste over two-thirds of their day on manual processes, leaving less time for actual value-added client interactions. With Advisor Actions we can help you solve this challenge.
Enabled by our new Action Card API, custom action cards with prescriptive next steps are created that can guide advisors and agents on how and when to reach out to clients and prospects during moments that matter.
What are some of these moments? Advisor Actions are fully customizable, allowing YOU to define moments of value sourced from any core system. We’ve started to work with customers and identify workflows integral to financial services firms such as:

  • Lead Conversion
  • Cross-selling activities
  • Document execution
  • And more

And with every Hearsay activity included in any Advisor Actions workflow featuring built-in compliance and automatically tracked and captured for reporting and analytics, Hearsay is bringing unprecedented transparency and real-time insights into advisors’ activities. Marketing and digital teams can now measure field performance such as advisors’ response times, frequency of touch and channel performance.
Want to learn more? Schedule time with our team to see how Advisor Actions can drive critical outcomes for your business.
Insights (Beta)
Insights is Hearsay’s new reporting and analytics experience. Through robust dashboards and real-time reports, you can quickly quantify program performance and take a data-driven approach to optimizing it. Insights presents your data in a highly visual, easy-to-consume format so that it’s simple for you to see what’s working well, where there’s opportunity to improve and, of course, share these insights with your colleagues.
Ahead of a broad release in December of this year, today’s beta launch gives admins at participating organizations access to a subset of Insights functionality.

For Hearsay Social & Hearsay Sites:

New Hearsay Content Campaign – Millennials & Money
One of our most popular Hearsay Content Channels, Millennials & Money, is now available as a dynamic campaign. Hearsay automatically creates this campaign for you to review in draft mode, and includes 1 new post per week designed to help your advisors attract and retain millennial clients. Hearsay now offers three Hearsay Content Campaigns including Tech Trends, Healthy Living and, of course, Millennials & Money.
Note: To review available or discuss potential new Hearsay Content Campaigns, please engage with your Customer Success Manager.

For Hearsay Social:

1-to-1 Outreach – Click Through Tracking for Non-Showcase URLs
1-to-1 Outreach now captures more engagement data than ever before. With this release, Hearsay now tracks clicks on links in the email body AND the showcase link of 1-to-1 Outreach. This makes it easy for advisors to reach out to the right person at the right time, and it helps you improve your content strategy over time. It even provides CRM admins and field leaders deeper insight into the effectiveness of their advisor-client outreach strategy.

For Hearsay Relate:

Multi-ring helps advisory teams make sure client calls don’t go unanswered — without a complicated staffing plan. The feature allows multiple phone numbers to be added to an advisor’s workspace, so when a client calls the advisor, each phone number rings simultaneously. Once someone (the advisor, the assistant, etc) answers the call, the call is connected and no one else is able to answer it.
Contact Uploader
The Contact Uploader makes it easier than ever for advisors to import business contacts in Hearsay Relate. Simply “drag and drop” a spreadsheet (using the template provided) and Hearsay instantly imports each of the contacts and syncs it with the web and mobile app.

Hearsay’s September Product Release is Here

Today, I’m happy to announce that our latest product release is now generally available!
Our sixth release of the year includes significant enhancements to Hearsay Social (check out the updated mobile app), as well as key new features inside Hearsay Relate. As always, many of our updates to Hearsay Social work seamlessly with Hearsay Sites. This makes it easy for advisors to generate awareness at the top of their sales funnel and easy for you to support them throughout the entire buyer’s journey.
The new features include:

For Hearsay Social and Hearsay Sites:

Enhanced Mobile App 
It’s no secret that an advisor’s time is best spent one-on-one with clients and prospects. That’s why they’re often out of the office, on the go. With Hearsay Social’s enhanced mobile app, your advisors can manage social networks, engage clients and nurture prospects — all in a few quick taps. 
The reimagined app includes many of our new desktop features like the Action List and 1-to-1 Outreach. Combining these with Push Notifications, Hearsay Social can alert your advisors of an important marketing or sales action they need to take, and make it dead-simple to complete. This could be scheduling posts to attract new prospects, following up with a website lead to close business, and more.
In addition, the mobile app makes a few simple but powerful email marketing tactics actionable for your advisors. Let’s say your advisor goes to an event, meets a few prospects who are interested in life insurance, but aren’t quite ready to buy. In a few taps, your advisor can subscribe them to an email drip campaign – about life insurance – right on their phone. Now, the advisor can effectively nurture those leads without spending time on it or learning email marketing.
Hearsay Content for Canada
We launched Hearsay Content in April to help you curate great content in less time. Backed by eight years of data, we provide organizations – at no cost – feeds of high-quality articles to help you make content marketing easy for advisors.
Now, you can get Hearsay’s top four feeds curated specifically from select Canadian publications. This makes it easier and faster for our Canadian customers to create an engaging content strategy for clients in their home market (after all, 3rd party content is key to a well rounded content strategy).
Note: To review available or discuss potential new Content Channels from Hearsay, please engage with your Customer Success Manager.
Automated Content Approval
As more advisors publish content via Campaigns, and as Hearsay Content delivers more into your Content Channels, it is more important than ever to optimize the content review and approval process for supervision teams.
With Automated Content Approval, supervisors can automatically review and approve third-party articles brought into Hearsay — while ensuring compliance with your organization’s policy. Supervisors are alerted of any articles flagged as risky and can quickly review them manually to take the appropriate action.

For Hearsay Relate:

Web Opt-In Form
To stay compliant, advisors may need consent from their clients and prospects to start texting. The Web Opt-In Form makes it easy for advisors to get more clients and prospects signed up at events, during new client onboarding sessions, and more. It’s as simple as sending a link to their personalized opt-in form.
Easily Resend Texts
Text messaging is a great way to get a hold of clients, but sometimes, for a variety of technical reasons, texts don’t quite make it to their recipients. With Hearsay Relate’s web app, your advisors (and often their assistants) can easily resend any text messages that don’t make it to a client or prospect.