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Hearsay Cloud is now SOC 2 Certified: That’s an extra layer of data protection for your customers…

Today, virtually every website you visit is collecting various amounts of your data, with varying levels of security. And chances are good that within the last week or two, you either heard a news story or got a notice of a data breach.
Even in financial services where regulations enforced by FINRA and other agencies are strict, customer data is compromised far too often. Like every other industry, financial services firms store almost every bit of customer information online (i.e., in the cloud). The data gold mines that are wealth and asset management firms, insurance providers, and banks are a tempting target for hackers.

If you’re using Hearsay, your customer data just got safer. We recently underwent a SOC 2 audit by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and were awarded SOC 2 compliance. SOC 2 is one of the most common compliance requirements that technology companies need to meet today. It is specifically designed for service providers storing customer data in the cloud. While considered a technical audit, it goes beyond technology to establish strict information security policies and procedures for managing customer data based on five “trust service principles” – security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. To be compliant, service providers must have clear, well-documented, proven strategies around all five of these topics.

Source: AICPA

Why does SOC 2 Compliance Matter to Hearsay?

If you’re in IT or have any experience in the world of infrastructure, you may know that SOC 2 compliance isn’t a requirement for SaaS and cloud computing vendors. Even most financial services clients require that vendors who store their customer data in the cloud either be SOC 2 compliant or “leverage a provider who is compliant”. Many providers do indeed rely on their IaaS or managed hosting provider – i.e., AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure – to meet the SOC 2 compliance requirement.
However, the SaaS and cloud computing companies who are truly serious about data protection know that simply meeting SOC 2 through leveraging AWS’ certification, for example, is no longer sufficient. With Hearsay’s SOC 2 certification, customers can be assured that Hearsay has end-to-end defined security controls across the entire organization, ensuring an extra layer of protection for your customer data.
As data security becomes an ever-increasing concern and attacks become more sophisticated, we believe this is crucial for every SaaS and cloud provider that does business with financial services companies. Handling customer data according to strict guidelines is at the forefront of our operations. It’s more than ticking a box – it’s a reflection of our commitment to building trusted client relationships.
If you’re going through a security review or doing pre-sales due diligence, we can share our own internal SOC 2 report – just ask.

Get to Know Hearsay: Jill Kiernan, Customer Success Executive

When Jill Kiernan recently joined Hearsay’s Client Services organization from a large life insurance company, I knew I had to feature her story. As someone with years of marketing experience and a deep understanding of Hearsay prior to joining the team, she brings a unique perspective to her role and the customers she supports. Read on to learn about Jill, why she joined the Hearsay team, and the role of a Customer Success Executive!

What is your role at Hearsay and why did you join the company?

I am a Customer Success Executive located in Boston, Massachusetts. On the Customer Success team, our charter is to lead our customers to great outcomes while delivering a great experience.
I joined the company because I have been constantly impressed by the leadership and mission of Hearsay, coupled with their – I guess our, now – product offerings. I wanted to contribute toward that mission, and saw an opportunity to do so given my background as a customer. At the same time, I was looking for a role where I could learn and grow both professionally and personally and knew this was the place for me.

You were very familiar with Hearsay before joining, can you give some background on your previous role at your previous company?

I used to work for Knights of Columbus Insurance, a global charitable organization and life insurance company. In my role as Director of Marketing, I helped the field force (about 1,500 insurance agents throughout the United States & Canada) develop and execute their digital marketing strategies. This included equipping them with the tools they needed to stay relevant in the digital age and connect with today’s social consumer.

What did you love the most about Hearsay from a customer standpoint?

My favorite part about working with Hearsay from a customer standpoint was the trusted partnership from day one. I loved getting to work with a team that helped us develop and implement our program goals and celebrated our successes as the program grew exponentially.
In the digital world that we live in, it can be a challenge for agents to break through and build trust with their prospects. Hearsay’s social tool enabled the agents I worked with to have a turnkey solution to manage their social media accounts and connect with today’s digital consumer. The features within Hearsay made it easy for them to not only share all of the good they were doing in the community and showcase who they were as a person, but also to raise awareness around the importance of planning your financial future and how they could help with that.
Hearsay’s team was there for us every step of the way. From agent onboarding and training to adoption and expansion, they were instrumental in the success of the social program.

What do you love about working in financial services?

I am very passionate about life insurance. Life insurance is one of the most important intangible products you can purchase, yet oftentimes people don’t realize until it’s too late. Having the opportunity to help agents and advisors expand their reach and educate consumers about the importance of life insurance and how it’s there for you when you need it most is very fulfilling. Their work directly impacts and changes people’s lives, it’s humbling to be a part of that. I am inspired every day. At my former company I was able to help a few thousand insurance professionals do this, now I am able to help hundreds of thousands through Hearsay’s solutions.

What excites you most about working at Hearsay?

The people!
Being surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do, collaborating on existing goals as well as creating new ones inspires me. I feel so empowered and supported by my new coworkers at Hearsay. From the day I started in the NYC office to now being remote in Boston, the amount of people who have reached out to help me learn has been incredible. They genuinely care about my growth and want to help me succeed. It’s an awesome feeling. I’m so grateful to be a part of this company.

What’s something that you’ve learned since you’ve joined that has surprised you in a good way about Hearsay?

I’m a newbie… this is the first tech company I’ve worked for so it’s been eye opening. I’m fascinated by all of the people, teams, systems and workflows that collaborate to create, maintain and improve the products. In general I’m very impressed by how easy it is to collaborate on pretty much everything.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given…

Remember who you are, why you started, and where you’re headed.

Favorite place for coffee/food/drinks in your city or a city you travel to frequently?

Rino’s in East Boston – The best Italian food in Boston (their lobster ravioli is to die for and has 3 pounds of lobster meat in them… just sayin), and it helps that Rino’s is conveniently located on my street!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Travel, try new restaurants (I’m a foodie), and spend time with my friends and family.

Get to Know Hearsay: Liberty Slater, Operations Manager

I recently realized that it’s been a while since we introduced you to someone from Hearsay. This week, our global Hearsay Systems teams are meeting regionally to align for the second half of the year.

It’s always fun to get together face to face and bond with our teammates as we get ready to execute on a new set of goals. Being with other groups also reinvigorated my desire to make sure that, as we grow, we keep that start-up vibe we had when I first came on board almost 5 years ago. Part of that is making sure we keep you up-to-date with who we are on an individual level.

This week we talked to Liberty Slater, who joined Hearsay in 2015. Thanks to her infectious passion for her coworkers and customers, she has grown right along with Hearsay. Read on to learn more about who she is and what she does!

What’s your role at Hearsay and how long have you been here?
I am currently transitioning into a new role as an Operations Manager for Client Services from managing our North American and European Support team. I’ve worked at Hearsay just shy of five years.

What do you do day-to-day?
I have two major areas at the moment: internal training and product-to-GTM (go-to-market) enablement. My day-to-day varies quite a bit, which I enjoy. I like being confronted with new challenges, new learnings, and competing priorities that push me to really think about what is most strategic at any given point.

What is your favorite thing about Hearsay
My manager, John Williams. John is incredibly gifted at supporting the growth and development of his direct reports in a manner that also meets the strategic needs of the company. In doing so, he ensures that his team remains challenged and that their contributions are meaningful to the larger Hearsay community. He is gracious, experienced, full of good-natured sarcasm, and open to learning from all those around him. I am extremely grateful to have had him as a manager and hope some of that has rubbed off on me! I fear that only the sarcasm has stuck….

What has been your favorite team building activity?

One of the most memorable team building exercises was an escape room that occurred relatively early into my Hearsay experience. It was a cross-coastal, cross-functional group who were still new to one another. Nevertheless, everyone immediately stepped outside of the absurdity of the situation and their lack of familiarity with one another to embrace the task at hand. I’ve never felt more comfortable crawling along a dusty floor, looking for trap doors with a group of relative strangers. We progressed through one, two, three layers of rooms in a frenzied (and uproarious) mix of individual and team code-cracking before we were confronted with the final puzzle.

The final challenge required us to translate the answer to a riddle into binary code, deactivating a wall of lasers that stood between us and the room key. Unfortunately, we had missed a crucial clue earlier: the riddle itself. Less than four minutes remained. The group quickly split into three: a member of our engineering team began to brute force the binary puzzle, two of us scanned the previous rooms for the riddle, and the remaining members of the team began to physically lift the smallest member of our group into the air and feed her slowly through a six inch gap in the lasers, like a new age cheerleading stunt. Just as my co-worker — rigid as a board for fear of tripping the alarm — was about to grab the key, our engineering teammate cracked the code and deactivated the lasers. Key in hand, we sprinted to the door with 54 seconds to go.

What stood out to me about this was the dynamic of that group: the decision-making was flat; the tone was always cooperative (and often hilarious); and when a seemingly impossible hurdle was placed before us, everyone focused on the solution — differentiating their approach to amplify their individual strengths, while still working as a group — and rose (literally, in the case of one of my colleagues) to the occasion until we crossed the finish line.
If that isn’t a metaphor for how we work at Hearsay, I don’t know what is.

What Hearsay value do you embrace the most? (Values here.)

G(TR)SD – Get (the Right) Stuff Done
I love that Hearsay promotes balance in its scrappiness. A strong work ethic is wonderful, but it needs direction or vision to maximize the outcome of the effort put into it. Hearsay embraces self-direction and GSD while still emphasizing that an endeavor needs to be thoughtful, strategic, and (as much as possible) focused on long-term scalability. Being scrappy AND smart is a Hearsay value that I try and carry with me in all things.

What’s your favorite part about working closely with engineering and customer success?

I love how EPD and Client Services challenge my perspective. One of my favorite things at Hearsay is when someone uses the phrase, “tell me the problem you’re trying to solve.” So often we close ourselves off from potential solutions because we have too narrowly defined a problem. Both from an Engineering and Product & Go-To-Market perspective, I so appreciate the wealth of experience around me, the solution-minded approach they have, and the different ways they look at a scenario to find an avenue forward that makes our customers more successful. I am forever learning from both teams.

What do you love about our customers?

It is humbling how focused on building community the Agents and Advisors who use Hearsay are. Their social media content highlighting the many ways they give back to their friends, neighbors, and local charities is a privilege to see and facilitate.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Character is what you do when no one is watching

Favorite place for coffee/food/drinks in your city or a city you travel to frequently?

Mother of Pearl, New York. It’s a tiki fantasy with custom (candy!) garnishings and novelty mugs that make you feel like every week can be shark week.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

An unreasonable amount of SoulCycle.

Hearsay a Finalist for Two Wealth Management Industry Awards

Recognized by in Technology Providers: Social Media Leadership and Innovation New Applications categories

Hearsay is on a mission to make compliant digital communications easier for financial advisors and more personalized for their clients. So when the only awards program of its kind to honor outstanding achievements by companies, organizations and individuals that support financial advisor success notified us that we’d been named a finalist for two awards this year, needless to say we were thrilled.’s prestigious Industry Awards recognize new technology innovations, product categories and products that enhance advisors’ ability to move the industry forward, help advisors better run their businesses and enhance service to their clients. Based on outstanding achievements over the past year, Hearsay Social was recognized as a finalist in the category of Technology Providers: Social Media Leadership. We’ve also been nominated for Hearsay Relate, our compliant text and mobile calling solution, for Technology Providers: Innovation New Applications categories.

With a record number of nominations for its awards program this year – more than 650 – we’re especially honored to have been named a finalist in two categories. is laser-focus on supporting, educating and elevating wealth professionals that aligns perfectly with Hearsay’s undertaking to transform the financial services industry. To be named a finalist in two award categories by an organization with such a mission underscores the importance of the work we do every day to help our customers’ advisors better support their clients.

We made it to finalist in the Social Media Leadership category, on the strength of Hearsay Campaigns. Hearsay Social makes it simple for advisors to subscribe and automate social marketing activities so that they can spend more time one-on-one with clients and prospects. Hearsay Campaigns posts fresh, relevant content on the advisor’s behalf so that even the busiest representatives can be social leaders. Advisors can increase social activity and engagement while reducing the impact on compliance and supervision teams. Additionally, Hearsay Campaigns offers corporate marketers increased distribution for their best content, ensures brand consistency across the field and provide ROI measurement of their social selling programs.

In the Innovation New Applications category, Hearsay Relate was recognized as a game-changing communications application that helps regulated financial services firms modernize the way their advisors communicate with clients, increasing personalized touch points across the digital channels that clients prefer. Relate’s features provide advisors the ability to delegate administrative tasks; artificial intelligence that simplifies common, industry-specific workflows, such as predictive, one-touch “quick replies” to texts; and pre-scheduling texts for annual review meeting confirmations, billing reminders, bond maturation and more.
A panel of independent judges made up of top names in the industry will determine the 2019 Industry Award winners who will be announced at a special event in New York City on September 12, 2019.

Next Generation Digital Engagement for the Modern Insurance Agent

Digital Transformation is top of mind in the insurance industry. The conversations that customers used to have in person or on the phone are increasingly happening over digital channels: web, email, text, and social media. The challenge we face is to make those conversations as continuous and natural as a face-to-face conversation in an office or over a meal.

That is why I recently joined Hearsay as Vice President of Insurance Solutions. As a Certified Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and because of my prior experience at Guidewire, a P&C software provider, I know first-hand that insurers are in a never-ending search for growth. Unfortunately, most digital transformation investments have gone into back-office, self-service, and direct-to-consumer solutions, while their existing agents struggle with offline and manual processes. But Digital Transformation is about more than self-service. By bringing digital transformation to the agent, incumbent insurers can better leverage the competitive advantage of their existing distribution networks.

The lynchpin of the insurer-customer conversation is the agent. Over the past decade, Hearsay has built an omnichannel engagement platform that manages digital conversations across text, web, email, and social media for over 150,000 insurance agents and financial advisors. For those agents, the first step is done: getting those interactions automated, tracked and compliant. This enables insurers to understand the flow of digital conversations, what’s working and what isn’t.

But digital transformation for the agent doesn’t stop there. The second step is to begin to automate those interactions and to guide best practices based on what is being learned. Enter Agent Actions, an engagement workflow automation solution designed to improve business outcomes by extending best practice enterprise workflows to field agents.  An extension of the Hearsay platform, these configurable, specialized workflows eliminate time-consuming manual processes and provide operational guidance, automation, and tracking.

Many people I’ve spoken with over the years have suspected there are latent sales and retention opportunities in a superior claims experience, a reduced premium on renewal, or a delinquent payment. Because Hearsay can automate and guide the agent-client conversation after one of these events, our customers will start to learn how.
A number of early adopters have been working with Hearsay to automate key agent workflows like corporate lead follow-up, recovering delinquent accounts, and proactive outreach during policy renewals to optimize retention and cross-selling. American Family Insurance is an excellent example. The Hearsay team worked closely with American Family to customize Agent Actions for specific billing workflows to drive higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

If you missed the press release, here’s what American Family said about our work together: “Our partnership is centered around using Hearsay’s technology to drive customer loyalty and address our billing response and follow-up processes to help reduce the possibility of policy lapses in the future,” said Cesar Pinzon, Vice President of Sales Strategy and Support, American Family Insurance. “The Hearsay team worked very closely with us to devise workflows that address our specific objectives. We continue to explore ways to utilize this technology to drive policy acquisition and servicing workflows for our agents to be more impactful with customers long-term.”
Learn more about Hearsay Agent Actions at

Hearsay Summit is Almost Here: Top Insurance, Wealth Management and Tech Leaders Come Together to Discuss The Future of Field Advisors and Agents

For the seventh year (!!), 150 top leaders from some of the biggest financial services, insurance, and technology companies in the world, will gather in San Francisco April 30-May 1 for Hearsay Summit, and I couldn’t be more excited about this year’s line-up. Executives from Wells Fargo Advisors, Ameriprise, Morgan Stanley, Allstate, American Family Insurance, and AXA will join tech leaders from Salesforce, LinkedIn, EY, and DocuSign to tackle how to turn corporate data into field action.

This event is designed for FinServ and FinTech executives to share ideas and gain an edge with next-level insights and strategies. We will discuss the familiar topic of breaking down organizational silos and empowering the high-tech, right-touch agent and advisor. This year, go deeper with our theme of Transforming Data into Action. We’ll examine how data and the technology used to harness it change the traditional roles of agents and advisors to meet today’s client demands for rapid, personalized response across any channel (such as social, email and text) they may be using at the time.

“Hearsay Summit is always an outstanding event full of rich cross-functional dialogue, and it has never been as important as in the current climate,” said Joe Nadreau, Head of Independent Brokerage & Platform Services, Wells Fargo Advisors. “Advisor roles are changing dramatically as a result of seismic shifts in client behavior and expectations. Financial industry leaders must be prepared to address these changes head-on and embrace new approaches, practices, and challenges. Hearsay Summit is a great forum for learning, sharing best practices, and better understanding the technology forces reshaping the future.”

Day 1 of Summit is dedicated to each important role that works with Hearsay, with role-based roundtable sessions tailored for marketing, sales/distribution, compliance, and IT professionals to discuss trends, best practices, and key success factors.

For the first time ever, Marketing and Compliance professionals can kick off Day 1 getting Hearsay Social certified. Marketing and Compliance Administration Certification is designed for program leads and social administrators using Hearsay Social. The new certification program enables users to get hands-on experience with some of the latest Hearsay functionality.

As in previous years, on Day 2, all Hearsay Summit attendees come together to learn from TED®-style talks presented by the industry’s biggest disruptors and innovators, including:
Kathryn Ferrero, CMO, AXA US
Ty Heath, Global Lead of Market Development, LinkedIn
Erik Jepson, Managing Director – Head of Digital Marketing, Morgan Stanley
Paul Johnston, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Thrivent Financial
David Karr, Chairman, AXA Advisors
NiIkhil Lele, Partner/Principal – Digital Enterprise Transformation – Financial Services, Ernst & Young
Rohit Mahna, SVP & General Manager Financial Services, Salesforce
Joe Nadreau, Head of Independent Brokerage & Platform Services, Wells Fargo Advisors
Alpesh Patel, Vice President, Enterprise Strategic Verticals, Docusign
Roger Tye, Vice President, Digital and User Experience, Allstate
Telisa Yancy, Chief Marketing Officer, American Family Insurance

We will also honor our innovative customers with the Hearsay Innovator awards on the mainstage on Day 2. This program celebrates customers who leverage the Hearsay platform to delight and provide value to their clients in new and exciting ways. Past winners include Morgan Stanley, American National, and Thrivent Financial.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month. If you haven’t registered already, don’t miss out! Learn more by visiting the Summit Registration page. Registration is limited and almost full!

Welcome, Frank Defesche! Bringing Industry Cloud Expertise to the Hearsay Board of Directors

Defesche was an early cloud pioneer and brings over a decade of industry cloud experience to Hearsay Systems.

We recently announced the appointment of Frank Defesche, General Manager for Veeva Systems, to the Hearsay Board of Directors.
I’m thrilled about Frank joining the board for a number of reasons. As a cloud pioneer and current leader in a vertical cloud-based software company within a heavily regulated industry, Frank’s expertise will be invaluable to Hearsay as we continue to transform and modernize the insurance, banking, wealth and asset management industries.

As an executive over the past 11 years, Frank has played an instrumental role in Veeva becoming the leading technology partner to the life sciences industry and in recently surpassing an $18B market cap. After building Veeva’s professional services function from scratch – an area Hearsay has provided for years and is currently scaling operations – Frank most recently launched the Vault business line as Veeva expands to address new industries such as Chemicals.

As a company advisor to me over the past several months, he’s already made an impact. Frank has helped us optimize our company and key initiatives for industry depth and focus. He’s helped us learn lessons and operationalize around a few areas that are key to success as an industry-focused cloud company:

1. Win by out-focusing everyone else. While horizontal players seek to be “something for everyone” and widely extensible, Hearsay takes the opposite approach. We build with so much specificity that if you are not in financial services, you will not understand our software.

2. Hire and develop people obsessed with the industry you serve. Hearsay has shifted our recruiting focus so that at least every 2-3 hires is coming from insurance, banking, or wealth management, or the tech and consulting firms which serve those industries. Across all of our existing employees, we set up quarterly customer “follow me home” visits so that everyone in the company, from engineering to accounting, can observe how our customers work (the painful manual tasks) and viscerally internalize our company mission of enabling the High-Tech, Right-Touch Advisor.

3. Deliver turnkey, end-to-end solutions rather than one-off features. Horizontal companies ship features. Industry companies must deliver end-to-end solutions, from product features to partner ecosystem integrations to business process remapping, training, and analytics, to close the loop on what worked.
We look forward to executing these and learning more from Frank in the coming months and years. Welcome to the team, Frank!

The Digital Transformation Journey: Let's Take it Together

According to historians, it’s been 8,000 years since the Egyptians realized they could harness the wind with a sail to move a boat across the ocean. It was almost another 6,000 years before the first windmills were used to grind grain and pump water. Now 2,000 years later, scientists are still working to tap into wind energy, hoping it can someday replace fossil fuels to power the world. That’s quite a historic journey.
In the financial services industry, we’re on a historic journey of our own. Over the past decade, we’ve awakened to the realization that within our firms lie massive amounts of powerful data, collected over decades. And while we’re learning to tap and use that data to achieve new levels of client acquisition and loyalty, we’ve really only just begun. The possibilities that lie ahead for us will transform our industry.

Using Big Data in Financial Services

In one way, our industry is in a far more advantageous position than others. Thanks to regulatory requirements, we’ve been capturing and warehousing client data for years, while other industries are just beginning to build their databases. But having the data and being able to use it are two very different things.
Before I joined Hearsay Systems as chief business officer, I was involved in the emergence of big data, helping early adopters by bringing to market products and solutions that could capitalize on big data and eventually leading the data integration and analytics product portfolio as the market matured. I’ve examined the journey from all sides—IT, risk management, marketing, enterprise management, customer service—and I’m eager to share my insight with you. This blog is where, with help from many of my learned colleagues, I plan to do it. I hope you’ll join me.

Challenges to Data Integration

Almost since big data’s inception, the technologies and capabilities to store data foreshadowed the unlocked value and transformative effects we would see over the next 10 years. But with change comes challenge, and big data certainly poses its share. For example:

  • How do we identify the right business outcomes to apply the appropriate technology to achieve them?
  • How do we remove the almost 80% of time that is spent preparing data for analytics?
  • How do we integrate our many internal platforms?
  • Do we have the right analytics tools?
  • Who has the skills to interpret the data?
  • Can we remain compliant?
  • What role does automation play?
  • What can social media analytics tell us?

Before we can begin to capitalize on the promises big data holds, we need to explore a lot of questions. That’s why I say it’s a journey. I hope you’ll take it with me. I’m eager to hear the insights you’ve gleaned and the questions you still have. Please leave your comments and join in this conversation.

The Benefits of Digital Transformation

Already, digital evolution has led to the development of products that allow us to connect advisors to clients and enterprises to advisors with unprecedented insight and speed. In just a few short years, we’ve moved from having massive silos of data held hostage to enabling advisors to have all the tools they need delivered to their mobile phones.
Take, for instance, Hearsay Advisor Actions mobile solution, our most recent product release. It enables financial advisors, insurance agents and regulated relationship managers to turn their mobiles phones into smart work systems synched with their CRM.
Today, advisors around the world waste over two-thirds of their day on manual processes like client research, compliance verification, and activity logging, laboriously switching between systems for each task. Advisor Actions frees them from those tasks, allowing them to spend their time instead on quality interaction with clients, the best weapon to combat the increasingly competitive landscape of robo-advisors.
From an enterprise perspective, Advisor Actions’ real-time tracking of field activity helps firms to actualize the ROI of business intelligence, customer relationship management, and other expensive core systems.
That’s how far we’ve come to date. But, consider how far we can go. Big data holds the potential to continue to transform our industry in ways we are only beginning to imagine. I look forward to hearing how digital transformation is changing the way you do business. It’s going to be a journey. Let’s go together.
Hearsay’s Chief Business Officer Donna Prlich is responsible for global strategic business initiatives, marketing and partnerships at Hearsay Systems. You can reach her with comments or questions at

Meet the Hearsay Team: Garland Trice, Engineering Manager

It’s been a busy start to the new year and with all the excitement, it’s time for us to introduce you to another wonderful member of the Hearsay team. This time, we want you to meet someone from our headquarters in San Francisco, Garland Trice! Garland is the engineering manager for Hearsay’s 1-to-1 outreach, social and compliance products and features.
Favorite thing about Hearsay?
Our team is why I love working here. Everyone is extremely bright, driven and fun to hang around. I’ve learned and grown so much working alongside them as well as making lifelong friends in the process.
What has been your favorite team-building activity?
Our offsite to a winery in Napa was incredible. It’s just something about unlimited wine, bubble soccer and good music in a vineyard all to yourself that makes for some fun times.
What Hearsay value do you embrace the most? 
I’d say that “Plays Well With Others” is the Hearsay value that I embrace the most. As engineers, we’re constantly coming up with new ideas and techniques to do things. Without this value, our discussions around specific implementations wouldn’t be effective. I’m really glad that our team can and does have healthy debates to get things done the right way for our users.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love sports and I also like to keep my coding skills sharp, so I mashed the two together by making an app, SportsTroll. Go check it out! I also really enjoy snowboarding and playing Xbox.
Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
That is tough, but I’d have to say, “Perfect is the enemy of good.” It works in all walks of life. Even to this day, I forget it sometimes, but as soon as I remember things almost always get better and closer to what I’d like to achieve.
If you had to plan a spontaneous weekend trip, where and what would it be?
I’d probably just go home and see family or road trip around Cali and soak in the scenery. It’s beautiful along the coast and I haven’t been out there enough.
Favorite place for coffee/food/drinks in San Francisco?
Ramen: Nojo Ramen Tavern
Bar/Beer: District
Wings: Hot Sauce and Panko
Coffee: Philz
As a native San Franciscan myself, I’d have to second those suggestions. Thanks, Garland!
Check back next month to learn more about the people behind the scenes at Hearsay. Interested in being part of the team? Check out our career openings around the world.

Meet the Hearsay Team: 2018 Resolutions

Whether you believe in a specific new year’s resolution or not, people tend to set some sort of goal for themselves at some point in the year. I asked my team what they wanted to accomplish over the next year and found out some awesome things about them. We also revisited last year’s resolutions and it was so fun to see all that had been accomplished.
Check out the Hearsay crew’s goals for 2018 and, on behalf of the entire gang, happy new year!

“Travel more – to hit my goal of 50 countries before I turn 30. On the list for 2018: Russia, Ghana, Czech Republic, Georgia (the country), Japan and Uruguay (Azerbaijan if I have time)!” – Clayton Goggil / Customer Success


“Drink more water. Eat more greens. Spend less time in front of screen when kids are around. Be thankful more.” – Anita Moorthy / Marketing


“I’d like to read 18 books in 2018.” – Maddy Barry / Human Resources


“Replacing ‘sorry’ with ‘thank you.’ Clear communication that focuses on my actions and the actions of others and empowers all of us.” – Liberty Slater / Customer Success


“I’d like to run/exercise at least three days a week.” – Chris Mills / Marketing


“I’m going to hit up gyms regularly, write or speak to share knowledge more, and learn investing.” – Yingying Zhang / Product


“Go meatless three days per week. They don’t know it yet, but I’m also making my family do it, too, so I guess it’s a family new year’s resolution.” – Tanya Smallwood / Sales


“I was a stoked sneakerhead in 2017. In 2018, I will unsubscribe from all sneaker updates and break the habit of viewing kicks online to stop myself from craving a new pair. On a more serious note, I will spend less time playing video games and go back to reading more books. I will also see to it that I get to run at least twice a week.” – Janus Rosario / Customer Success, Philippines


“My new year’s resolution is to run a 5k or 10k once a quarter!” – Mallory Adiego / Customer Success


“Cross another continent off my travel bucket list. Four down, three to go …” – Allison Pagni / Sales



“My resolution is to see five sunrises a week on average for the whole year!” – Mark Gilbert / Product


“I’ve been terrible about prioritizing my physical health since becoming a mom. In 2018, I want to be more committed to a balanced, healthy lifestyle. I figure I can at least start by taking advantage of the Hearsay perks and attending at least one fitness class a week!” – Elyse Hackney / Customer Success


“To hand-write one letter to someone every month.” – Christina Malley / Marketing


“I want to start my first cookbook!” – Sophie Keovongsa / Customer Success, UK


“Investing in and taking the time to develop my strengths.” – Hang Zhang / Customer Success


“Be in the moment more.” – Bill Rusitzky / Business Development


“My new year’s resolution (one of them) is to take up playing my mandolin again and to be able to play a song (even if it’s short) by the end of 2018.” – Meli Romero / Customer Success


“I’d like to improve my weakest writing skill, which is fiction writing! I also hope to improve my art skills and speed enough to produce at least a short comic by the end of 2018.” – Linh Le / Customer Success


“I would like to strengthen my legs and core so I can slam dunk like I used to in my early 20s.” – Salman Mohiuddin / Sales, Canada


“Less screen time. More adventures, reading and tennis.” – Jen Leopold / Customer Success


“Walk more.” – Luca Warsaw / Customer Success, UK



“Write in my journal on good days, not only on bad ones. :)” – Brittany Hedin / Customer Success

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