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Social ROI

Deliver Real Social Selling ROI

Deliver Real Social Selling ROI

Hearsay Social is uniquely positioned to deliver ROI because it’s the only automated, easy-to-use solution focused on advisor adoption. Maximize adoption, go beyond vanity metrics and generate real business value today.

Deliver Real Social Selling ROI

Increase client acquisition, upsell/cross-sell & client retention

Deliver Real Social Selling ROI

Improve advisor recruiting & retention

Deliver Real Social Selling ROI

Expand corporate marketing reach, referral traffic & lead generation

Deliver Real Social Selling ROI

Reduce risk and drive supervision efficiency

Maximize ROI with All 5 Aspects of Social Selling

In financial services, the highest-ROI social sellers utilize all five aspects of social selling, with optimized social profiles as the highest contributor to ROI.


Prospects are 7x more likely to call an advisor with a compelling social profile. Hearsay helps each advisor put their best foot forward with built-in profile management.


Hearsay alerts advisors when someone in their network shares a “money-in-motion” life event like starting a new job, having a baby, or moving.


Campaigns allow you to automate social media marketing for advisors, so even your busiest reps generate sales opportunities on social.


The field typically has 5 – 10x the organic reach of their firms, and Hearsay’s marketing automation can deliver huge value in brand impressions, referral traffic and more.


When a separate compliance solution is used, advisor adoption drops below 10% and your ROI disappears. That’s why compliance & supervision is completely built into Hearsay Social.

Increase Advisor Production

Social media is an established channel to increase client acquisition, upsell/cross-sell and client retention. Help your advisors efficiently build their book of business by reaching clients on today’s modern digital channels.

Improve Advisor Recruiting & Retention

Most new advisors change jobs because they can’t build a significant book of business. With a strong social selling program, more of your advisors build their book and stay with your firm.

Expand Marketing Reach, Referral Traffic & Lead Generation

With 5 – 10x the organic reach of owned social media properties, advisors can dramatically expand your brand’s reach. With Hearsay, you can easily turn your advisors’ profiles, posts and contacts into brand impressions, referral traffic and leads.

Reduce Risk and Drive Supervision Efficiency

Hearsay’s Universal Supervision Dashboard allows you to efficiently supervise advisor posts, profiles and more – at unprecedented scale. This allows you to measurably reduce risk without increasing supervision cost.

We have a core group of agents who activated social and saw an eight to 10 percent lift in their business. They didn’t change anything else – there’s an inherent benefit for them to be on social media.

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