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The Hearsay Social Adoption Guide

The Hearsay Social Adoption Guide

A Six-Step Framework for Boosting Your Social Business Adoption Strategy

Driving social business adoption can often feel like an uphill battle, despite the proven benefits social business provides. A successful roll-out and ongoing social business program requires focus and effort to help everyone understand the benefits of working in a new way. This 20+ page guide will walk you through six key steps for increasing social business adoption across your organization, and also offers practical tips and insights from leading financial services and insurance firms.

In the guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Gain executive buy-in to increase program visibility, influence and support
  • Advocate your social business program at the field level
  • Stay top of mind by delivering ongoing training and educational resources
  • Use gamification strategies to track and reward desired business outcomes
  • Build and maintain a strong content pipeline to supercharge your lead flow and increase your chances of social business success