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Hearsay Platform

Connect advisor engagement tools to your core systems

Connect advisor engagement tools to your core systems

Automatically and compliantly capture Advisor-Client interactions from social, email, text, voice and advisor sites in your enterprise systems, to deliver unprecedented insights with Hearsay Client Engagement Platform.

Hearsay’s tools boost advisor productivity and generate the engagement data necessary for corporate teams (IT, distribution and marketing) to drive value from your CRM and other essential systems.

Our team is an extension of yours, using agile development with each engagement to achieve rapid time to value – often within 90 days.

Increase CRM adoption with automatic and compliant data capture

Provide tools designed around the way advisors actually work to drive
advisor adoption. Easy integration into your CRM automatically captures
data to drive up to 15x more data in whatever CRM you use.

Learn more about connecting to CRM :

Get total visibility into essential client interaction data with BI system integration

Drive the right outreach at the right time with self-service analytics and integration with your other enterprise BI systems.

Maximize compliance efficiency with a single archive for all digital communication

Consolidate all emails, text messages, voice calls and social interactions into a single archive seamlessly integrated with your existing archiving platform. Meet requirements and drastically reduce the impact on your compliance & supervision teams.

Lift productivity, profitability, and the client experience

Improve outcomes critical to your business through advisor-level guidance, automation and tracking. Find out how our Advisor Action API can take on the biggest challenges facing your firm.

Power your content engine

Ingest home-office content feeds or let your advisors use Hearsay’s, curated from eight years of financial services engagement data. With built-in compliance features, we can help ensure 3rd party content adheres to demanding regulatory requirements.

Keep your data safe

Use Hearsay’s APIs to safely integrate data with your CRM or any other enterprise system. Data is encrypted in-transit and at rest.

Ensure your customer data is extra safe

Your customer data has an extra layer of protection thanks to Hearsay Client Engagement Platform’s SOC 2 compliant status. SOC 2 guarantees that Hearsay has well-documented, strict information security policies and procedures for managing customer data based on five “trust service principles” – security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. Properly handling customer data remains at the forefront of our operations.

Maintain performance as you scale

Easily scale the volume of data and API calls, up as you grow or down in the off-season.

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Want to learn more aboutthe Hearsay Platform?

Want to learn more aboutthe Hearsay Platform?

We work exclusively with the financial services industry. If that’s you, let’s talk about how we can help your advisors, and your firm, succeed on digital.

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