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Hearsay content personalized content section

Ai-powered content recommendations for every advisor

Hearsay Content delivers curated feeds of the most engaging content for P&C, Life, and Wealth Management. With a personalized onboarding experience that learns about each advisor and an Ai-engine that analyzes which posts get the most engagement, Hearsay recommends the right content for each advisor to attract their ideal clients.

  • Save time finding great contentHearsay automatically curates articles from over fifty thousand publications — so you don’t have to. Let Hearsay automatically recommend compliant posts and campaigns to each advisor, recommend content yourself, or both.
  • Help advisors build a compelling personal brandSelect from a combination of industry (i.e. taxes, retirement) and lifestyle recommendations (i.e. technology, travel), updated daily from trusted sources like Forbes, Wired, and The Economist.
  • Increase client and prospect engagementTimely, relevant and high-quality content feeds, updated daily and filled with a mix of targeted lifestyle and industry articles to encourage maximum engagement.
  • Help advisors nurture leads with great email contentHearsay’s email templates and automated campaigns make it easy for advisors to turn new leads into happy clients.