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Hearsay Actions

Hearsay Actions

Every client touchpoint matters, but first impressions set the tone. Ensure an immediate, personal, and consistent first experience for every potential new client with Actions.

Orchestrate an immediate, authentic, and compliant response

The Actions engine ingests lead information from any source into the Hearsay Client Engagement Platform to orchestrate an immediate, authentic, and compliant response on behalf of your agent or advisor. Across social channels, website, mobile texting, and calling, the 1:1 interaction between client and advisor or agent is seamless and integrated.

Help every agent or advisor act like your best one

In a customer-centric world where response times can make or break a business, Actions drives an exceptional customer experience from first interaction to conversion. Help your agents and advisors quickly respond to an inbound lead with triggered notifications and reminders, and proactively prompt them with follow-up behaviors, to maximize productivity on the fly.

Increase lead conversion

Immediate lead follow up on a 1:1 channel, using tested and proven messaging, has been shown to increase conversion by as much as 37%. Actions helps bridge the data gap between corporate office and field teams to truly optimize your lead channels, potentially adding millions of dollars in customer life-time value.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Compliance is at the core of Hearsay solutions, and Actions is no exception. We partner with you to ensure proper consent is captured as part of the lead conversion process, and archive all digital conversations.

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Close the gap on ROI

Actions brings a measurable, scalable process to authentic lead follow up, allowing financial services firms to realize a significant increase in ROI from their massive investments in advertising and inbound lead generation campaigns.

Unprecedented insights and collaboration with your field

In today’s data-driven age, corporate teams and field advisors must collaborate more closely than ever before. Hearsay Actions allows corporate offices to provide data triggers for advisor outreach, automates follow-up tasks from advisors, and automatically provides corporate insight into whether, when, and how each action was performed. Field distribution will never be the same.

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We work exclusively with the financial services industry. If that’s you, let’s talk about how we can help your advisors move business forward with compliant texting and voice.

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