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When prospects and clients search for and land on advisor websites, firms have the opportunity to influence and educate them. With Hearsay Sites, marketing teams control the design of their web program, so advisors can concentrate on sharing pre-approved, dynamic content to help build their local brands. Built on the Hearsay platform, Hearsay Sites provides a single supervision and review workflow to meet the rigorous requirements of your industry.

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“Advisors are telling us that they love their new [Hearsay] sites because they finally have an online presence that is findable, modern, and something they can be proud of.”

Quinn Gorski, Digital Marketing, Thrivent Financial


„To succeed in the social, mobile and digital age, not only do firms have to be omnichannel, they must empower every one of their advisors to also become omnichannel with individual websites, social media profiles, advisor-driven marketing and text messaging.”

Scott Ham, former President & CEO of Transamerica Life and Protection

An SEO-Ready, Modern Web Program

If you’re going to stand out from the competition, your advisor sites needs to show up when people search. Hearsay Sites offers modern themes to differentiate on day one. Build your web program with SEO fundamentals in place – consistent data across sites, a locator tool to find the best agent in your city and integrations to help with lead management. Offer your advisors fresh, customized themes that extend your corporate brand but also look different based on their roles and regions.

Targeted, Local Content Builds Advisor Brand and Drives Engagement

When people land on your advisor site, you have the opportunity to educate and influence them. Hearsay Sites are built so advisors can easily showcase their personalities and share their stories with dynamic, pre-approved content. By sharing local, insider knowledge and educating visitors with thoughtful content, advisors can convert prospects faster. They can also publicize local events on their sites which helps drive interest in marketing campaigns, as well as offline.

Beautiful, Responsive Websites That Amplify Your Brand

Hearsay Sites gives marketing teams creative freedom for your firm’s website theme designs, so your advisor sites look exactly how you want. We work with your marketing and design organizations to create robust, mobile-optimized templates that can be offered to advisors based on their roles and regions, providing flexibility while ensuring each site remains consistent with your unique brand.

Compliance and Supervision across Sites

It’s important to minimize compliance risk when advisors customize their own websites. Hearsay Sites gives your team an integrated supervision and record-keeping experience. Based on your compliance requirements, advisors can submit content for pre-review before publishing or choose from a library of pre-approved content. Your compliance team has a complete view of website activity from the Universal Supervision Dashboard because sites are built on the Hearsay Enterprise Platform.

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