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Thrivent Financial products used


For Thrivent Financial, time spent with representatives correlates directly with customer loyalty and increased assets under management. Through advisor websites, social media, and a more efficient compliance solution, Hearsay allows Thrivent reps to engage with customers at an unprecedented scale.

Hearsay Social

As a fraternal organization, community is a large part of what differentiates Thrivent Financial from firms that offer similar services, and social media is a natural extension of their community-based marketing. Hearsay Social allows over 900 of the firm’s representatives to attract new prospects and increase customer retention through simple social media marketing.

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Hearsay Sites

Thrivent Financial chose Hearsay Sites to modernize its advisor websites. The new, targeted, mobile-friendly sites allow over 3,100 advisors to build their personal brands, differentiate themselves at scale and grow business. The results? A 5x increase in page views and a 2.5x increase in visitors—monthly—since the sites launched in early 2016.

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Hearsay Compliance

Thrivent Financial relies on Hearsay Compliance functionality to minimize risk and streamline the entire supervision, approval, and archiving process. All Hearsay products are purpose-built for the financial services industry, so Thrivent is able to leverage modern marketing channels while complying with FINRA, SEC, IIROC, MiFID and FCA regulations.

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