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Thrivent Financial

Hearsay Makes Digital Marketing Easy, Simple & Efficient for the Field

Success at a Glance


Of social media leads generated monthly


Increase in website visitors


Increase in new customer acquisition


Less time spent distributing marketing content

Hearsay Products Used by Thrivent Financial

For Thrivent Financial, time spent with representatives correlates directly with customer loyalty and increased assets under management. Through advisor websites, social media, and a more efficient compliance solution, Hearsay allows Thrivent reps to engage with customers at an unprecedented scale.

Hearsay Social

As a fraternal organization, community is a large part of what differentiates Thrivent Financial from firms that offer similar services, and social media is a natural extension of their community-based marketing. Hearsay Social allows over 900 of the firm’s representatives to attract new prospects and increase customer retention through simple social media marketing.

Hearsay Sites

Thrivent Financial chose Hearsay Sites to modernize its advisor websites. The new, targeted, mobile-friendly sites allow over 3,100 advisors to build their personal brands, differentiate themselves at scale and grow business. The results? A 5x increase in page views and a 2.5x increase in visitors—monthly—since the sites launched in early 2016.

Hearsay Compliance

Thrivent Financial relies on Hearsay Compliance functionality to minimize risk and streamline the entire supervision, approval, and archiving process. All Hearsay products are purpose-built for the financial services industry, so Thrivent is able to leverage modern marketing channels while complying with FINRA, SEC, IIROC, MiFID and FCA regulations.

Thrivent Financial

“Hearsay Social has made it easier in many ways for us to manage our local social media program. The first is helping us tackle our obligations in terms of regulatory requirements, so having this automated solution to help us monitor, to do the retention, to provide an option for pre approval process for our financial content has saved us a lot of time.”

Katie Marie Woods
Marketing Manager
Thrivent Financial

How Thrivent Digitized the Field

Thrivent Financial—a Fortune 500 financial services organization with over $105 billion in assets under management—needed a solution for its field representatives to compliantly use LinkedIn and Facebook. The firm began its social media program by manually managing compliance and it quickly became clear the process was too time consuming. It wouldn’t scale across the entire field. Thrivent selected Hearsay for both the sophistication of its technology as well as the team’s social media savvy. The rigorous selection process focused on Hearsay Social’s ability to serve the needs of its organization across different user types, including field representatives, creative services, principal reviewers, and recruiters. The program now generates thousands of monthly leads, reduced time spent approving marketing content by 75%, and drove a 22% increase in new customer acquisition. With an effective social media program in place, the firm turned its focus to the field’s individual websites. These local websites were outdated, not findable through search engines, and ultimately not driving new business to their advisors. Thrivent chose Hearsay Sites to modernize this critical client touch point. Over 3100 advisors were upgraded with new search and mobile optimized sites, making it easier for customers to find Thrivent advisors online from any search engine and any device. What’s next? Thrivent Financial is beginning to explore Hearsay Relate to further improve the field’s productivity through compliant text messaging.