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We are 100% Committed To Customer Success

It takes more than just the right technology to successfully transform the way you do business. Our expert Client Services team will help guide your organization with the strategies, processes and best practices that are necessary for successfully implementing Hearsay Client Engagement Platform across your company.

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We’ve had a relationship with Hearsay for about three years using their social product and … we just are really excited this past summer we extended our relationship with Hearsay and we’re using not only continuing to use the social product but we’re using email campaigns, websites and we’ve tied that into our digital platform with Salesforce.

Product Configuration & Integration

Hearsay has a world-class team to set up, configure and implement Hearsay Cloud successfully within your existing environment. We offer Product Configuration & Integration services that are designed for our customers in financial services who operate in complex and demanding regulatory environments. Our team of skilled implementation managers has deployed the Hearsay platform at more than 100 firms for over 150,000 advisors and agents, and is well-versed in the unique needs and complexities of the financial services industry.

Hearsay Compliance Advisory Services

Properly managing compliance risk requires regular assessment and tuning of policies, procedures, and technology. Hearsay’s Compliance Advisory Services help you easily navigate a complicated fintech regulatory landscape by providing both technical and subject matter expertise to optimize powerful data-driven digital solutions to attract new prospects, cultivate leads, and better serve existing clients.

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Training & Education

Proper training and education is imperative for any technology deployment and helps to boost both adoption and your team’s performance. We provide training and education services dedicated to on-boarding advisors and agents as well as administrators, so you can hit the ground running with Hearsay. We also offer an online education program tailored specifically for financial services professionals that will arm them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in leveraging digital for their business.

1-on-1 Coaching for Advisors

User adoption is a well known challenge in the enterprise. In financial services and insurance, where advisors and agents may be new to digital technology like social media, the job is even bigger. Hearsay’s Customer Advocacy Team reaches out to your advisors and agents 1-on-1 to help them understand marketing and social media best practices, show them how to activate and use Hearsay technology, and share tips & tricks to increase utilization.

Ongoing Assistance & Support

Your team of Account Managers, Customer Success Managers and Executives will share best practices, assist in change management, and guide your Hearsay Cloud transformation from on-boarding through late-stage adoption. Support Specialists are on call to answer user questions, resolve technical issues and ensure you and your advisors and agents have everything you need to be successful with Hearsay Cloud.

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We work exclusively with the financial services industry. If that’s you, let’s talk about how we can help your advisors grow business with email marketing.

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