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Aviva France challenge solution section


Before Hearsay, agents at Aviva France were managing their social presence and communities by themselves. Most of their agents were not social media experts and didn’t have the tools they needed to be active and drive engagement, which Marie said made it very tough for them to succeed. Moreover, Marie and her team had no insight into the impact agents had on Aviva’s online visibility. In addition, Aviva managed agent websites in house. Marie was upfront about the challenges with their solution. She said, “The design was obsolete and the sites weren’t SEO friendly at all, from the URLs to the content.”


“The solution we chose had to be one that we could integrate with our own systems. Since our partnership with Hearsay began, we’ve been able to implement SSO (single sign on) for our tied agents to connect easily, as well as links from our agents’ websites to our own product forms.”