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Corporate to Local Facebook Ads Case Study

How American National Harnessed the Power of Localized Facebook Ads with Hearsay

To simultaneously recruit new talent and grow the visibility of existing agents, American National relies on the corporate control and local influence of Hearsay’s Corporate-to-Local Facebook Ads.

The Challenge

American National needed an efficient way to make their multi-line agents more visible. Initial Facebook ad campaigns were ineffective because the ads were not locally customized, agents were intimidated by the technology, and ads were linking back to the corporate site. The need for customization and localization was clear but not available at an individual advisor level.

The Solution

Using Corporate-to-Local Facebook Ads inside Hearsay Social, the American National multi-line marketing team now creates ads and campaigns linking to local agents’ websites. The best part? Agents don’t need to lift a finger. To test the program, the team developed two campaigns; one to recruit new talent, and the other to increase awareness of their agribusiness insurance focus in key states. They used multiple versions of the ads in each of the campaigns to assess the effectiveness of different keywords and images.

The Results

Agents who were part of the program experienced up to 2232 percent more visits to their local websites from multiple devices: desktops, laptops and mobile phones. This significant spike in traffic exceeded the firm’s initial awareness objectives. Based on the success of the program, American National is planning to expand their audience reach with more Corporate-to-local Facebook ads for eager agents at their firm.

We didn’t realize how hard it was for agents to advertise on Facebook until we had this solution from Hearsay. This program has allowed us to efficiently generate traffic and awareness for agents, at very low cost.

Harness the Power of Localized Facebook Ads

Make your agents top of mind with localized Facebook ads.

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