Connecting Corporate to Field: Addressing the Lead Follow-Up Opportunity

How many times have you found a great inbound lead in your CRM only to find that the field rep assigned to it didn’t make any contact until several days after the lead came in? It’s a common story. In fact, as advisors are tending to their current clients and meeting with new ones, an average of 4 days elapses before they connect with an inbound lead. By that point, it’s too late – their call goes straight to voicemail just like 96% of cold calls.

The good news – this can be fixed.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Corina Roy, Assistant Vice President, Field Digital at MassMutual Financial Advisors, and Jim Kerley, Chief Membership Officer, at LIMRA along with Jonathan Shafer, Director, Customer and Product Marketing at Hearsay, as they describe their successful marketing to field lead follow up process. Walk away confident you can help your field follow up in a timely manner and improve conversion rates and field sales.