What we believe in

Our Values


We have a bias for action. We move fast. The Getting Stuff Done (GSD) mentality means we value getting the right stuff done at the right quality level.


Kaizen is Japanese for continuous self-improvement. Every day, we push one another to streamline our work, create efficiencies and improve processes. At Hearsay, we’re always working to improve ourselves and our teammates.

Customer Focus

Customer experience is the core foundation of our company. We value transparency and are committed to the success of our customers.

Values at Hearsay

By embracing an “always be improving” mindset, we have found that our values can best be identified as things we DO and DON’T believe in, and we try to inculcate these beliefs in everything we do (especially hiring).

Things We Believe In

  • Putting customers first; followed by company, team, then self
  • Taking initiative / being self-directed
  • Trust / transparency / honesty with customers and with each other
  • Getting stuff done (GSD)
  • Always be learning
  • Give people context rather than taking control
  • Long-term focus
  • Knowing where you stand / telling others what you think
  • Working hard AND smart / being scrappy
  • Playing well with others
  • Self-improvement & leverage

Things We DON’T Believe In

  • Bureaucracy & Politics
  • Top-down decision making
  • Ego, excuses, and entitlement
  • Prioritizing the short-term over the long-term
  • Fear of failure
  • Titles / Empire-building

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