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Five Essential Traits of Successful Digital Leaders in Financial Services

Leslie Leach

One of the most important success factors in any digital effort is strong leadership. Here are the traits we’ve seen prevail, over and over again. The financial services industry has changed significantly over the past decade or so. As firms continue to drive digital transformation, Hearsay has had a front row seat collaborating with innovative […]

Hearsay Summit 2020: Delivering a Human Client Experience in Extraordinary Times

Clara Shih

A big thanks to each of the 500 marketing, distribution, and compliance leaders who joined us at the annual Hearsay Summit – for the first time ever, virtually! We were thrilled to have a highly engaged audience and incredibly insightful presentations from our customer and partner speakers. A few of our key takeaways were published […]

Elevate your Advisors & Agents When LinkedIn Elevate Winds Down

Leslie Leach

This post explains the difference between employee advocacy and social selling solutions, and discusses the importance of helping advisors and agents create real human connection while increasing brand reach. LinkedIn has announced it is sunsetting its employee advocacy tool, Elevate, come December 2020 and integrating it into LinkedIn Pages. What is Employee Advocacy? At its […]

The Power of Giving Your Customers Control

Erica Spelman

Hearsay Summit 2020 is officially a wrap! Along with being the first virtual one we’ve ever hosted, we had two days of amazing speakers, fireside chats, and breakout sessions. One of the speakers we were lucky enough to hear from was Glenn Shapiro, Allstate President of Personal Property-Liability. Glenn shared four ways that the advancement […]

Announcing the Hearsay Summit 2020 Innovator Awards!

Brittany Hedin

Drum roll, please! We had over a dozen nominees for this year’s awards. This year’s winners had a very unique experience — they received their awards in the mail and we celebrated them virtually on Day 2 of the Hearsay Summit last week. We hope you were able to join and raise a glass to […]

Safeguarding Social during COVID-19

William Warren

We’ve all seen the myths – many of us (author included) have fallen for them. Hold your breath for 10 seconds and you don’t have the coronavirus. Hand dryers kill the virus… garlic kills the virus. So many that the WHO has a dedicated myth-busting page. In highly fluid, turbulent times, the risk of misinformation […]

Automation and Time-Saving Workflows

Chris Beck

The recent world events surrounding the coronavirus outbreak have helped us all realize that our time is a priceless commodity. There never seems to be enough time for our most valuable activities and now that most of us are homebound, it’s a good moment to think about how to automate some of our more menial […]

Optimizing Content Strategy in Rapidly Evolving Times

Chris Beck

In light of the unprecedented situation of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and resulting historic market instability, we want to offer support as you create thoughtful, time-sensitive content to enable your field force to reach out to their clients and prospects in meaningful ways. It’s been heartening to see the proactive measures our customers are taking […]

Four Ways Financial Firms and Their Advisors are Creating Stability in Turbulent Times

Leslie Leach

Financial advisors in the midst of this unsettling market environment are working overtime to calm investor jitters. To further complicate matters during this historic volatility, many are unable to meet face-to-face with clients because of COVID-19 concerns. It is precisely these uncertain times when the best advisors demonstrate true value. It’s been heartening to see […]