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The Key is Context – Unlocking the Modernization of Archiving & Supervision

Iain Duke-Richardet

Why mess with a good thing? Sometimes we hit on something that works so well that it never changes – like Coca Cola. Unfortunately, most things are not Coke and need to evolve. Email-based archiving – particularly when applied to client engagement activities across social and texting – is one of those areas begging to […]

Advisor-Client Communications: How Compliant Texting is Changing the Game

Erica Spelman

Social media proficiency is a must have for advisors and agents today. In fact, 92% of advisors report that social media has helped them gain new clients.[1] Social media plays a key role in the digital landscape, and done correctly it can help advisors find new clients and strengthen relationships with their current ones. Not […]

My First Day as CEO of Hearsay Systems

Mike Boese

Clara and me last week, appropriately socially distanced [Photo by Radu Ranga] Today is an exciting and very humbling day for me. After five months as Hearsay’s COO (all virtual) and working closely with Clara Shih, co-founder and CEO of Hearsay Systems, and the Hearsay Board of Directors, I am honored to take the reins from Clara […]

Passing the Torch to Hearsay’s New CEO

Clara Shih

A heartfelt thank you and exciting news for Hearsay’s growth, as I transition to the role of Executive Chairperson! Read on to learn more about Hearsay’s new CEO, Mike Boese. 11 years ago today, Steve Garrity and I founded Hearsay Labs on a belief that the sales profession would get upended by the social graph […]

Lincoln Financial Increases Social Program Adoption and Inbound Web Traffic

Marisa Ruffles

It’s always a thrill when a client partners with Hearsay to achieve success through social selling. It’s even more exciting when they’re willing to share their story to benefit others, and Lincoln Financial Group’s Distribution Marketing team agreed to do just that recently. Lincoln Financial Group provides advice and solutions that empower people to take […]

Three Lessons in Resilience from a Very Special Guest

Marisa Ruffles

We were lucky enough to have Jane Chen speak at our mid-year kickoff recently. As the co-founder & CEO of Embrace Innovations, Chen’s journey of developing a ground-breaking infant incubator for approximately 1% the cost of traditional incubators was one riddled with obstacles and setbacks – and her deep resilience to persevere through each challenge […]

The Vitamin and the Painkiller – Where Does FinServ Fall?

Clara Shih

Traditionally in business, a solution, product, or service is either a vitamin or a painkiller. Think about a vitamin — it’s a nice-to-have. When you remember to take it, you take it. If you don’t take it on a particular day, you usually don’t even notice — but over time, when you take your vitamins, […]

Hearsay Partners with Salesforce to Close the Loop on Last-Mile Client Engagement

Chris Andrew

In 2020, we’re seeing a new engagement model emerge in financial services to support human connections in a remote-first environment. Driving business outcomes from the home office on personal devices has become a requirement, and therefore compliance for BYOD and new digital channels is a challenge that must be addressed now. Both Hearsay and Salesforce […]

Financial Services Email Marketing: 5 Steps to Building a Strong Foundation

Erica Spelman

Learn about email marketing best practices and the importance of your advisors / agents maintaining consistent, on-brand communications with their clients. When it comes to having a holistic and consistent digital presence, email plays a vital role in making sure your advisors and/or agents keep the conversations going with their clients. Email marketing allows your […]