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Hearsay’s July Product Release is Here

“Hundreds of billions of dollars in automation-generated revenue is up for grabs in the coming years. Only those companies that deploy this technology in a way that looks beyond cost cutting and focuses on creating value for customers and shareholders will be able to win in the marketplace.”Capgemini
Summer may be in full swing, but we are busy as can be here at Hearsay! Today, we are thrilled to announce our sixth product release of the year and to give you some details into the new features coming your way.
This release brings us back to our heritage in many ways, as we celebrate all things social media, from posts to likes to shares to tweets. As our core product, Advisor Social remains a key communication channel for over 150,000 advisors today.
But what we’ve realized over the past year is that simply enabling advisors to use social media is not enough. To help advisors succeed on social, we’re focusing on building  an advisor-first social solution with built-in automation and delegation features that can 1) help them build brand awareness and stay top of mind with their clients and prospects, 2) drive engagement, 3) reinforce their expertise and thought leadership, and 4) ultimately trigger one-to-one conversations during money-in-motion events. We aim to amplify advisor productivity while giving marketing and sales leaders the visibility they need into field level activities.
To that end, we’re delighted to offer several new features designed with the social savvy financial advisor in mind. Please note that while all of these features enhance our Advisor Social product and advisor experience, they also bring additional value to our Advisor Sites solution, as we continue to help advisors wherever their clients are.
First up, Relative Campaigns have big enhancements! These campaigns round out our content automation offering and provide marketers with a way to create evergreen campaigns for the field. Unlike Dynamic Campaigns, which offer date-specific posts, Relative Campaigns assign post dates based upon when an advisor subscribes. Looking to create a “New Advisor” onboarding campaign designed to get a brand-new advisor started on social, or maybe a “Recruiting Top Talent” campaign designed to help your field attract new team members? Relative Campaigns are a great way to do this by allowing an advisor to sign up at any time and post a prescribed set of content starting on day one (the “relative” date they signed up)  through a specified time series.

Next is our updated Campaigns platform. We know how important it is to help advisors delegate top-of-the-funnel tasks to their marketing team, and help marketing control and amplify brand messaging across the field. With this new platform, the marketing team will be able to manage campaigns much more efficiently than before. Specifically, there are three new features worth highlighting:

  • Campaign filter: Improve searchability by filtering your campaign view to Dynamic, Relative or both.
  • Expire live campaigns: Remove campaigns from advisors’ campaign libraries with a few quick clicks. Note that reports will retain all relevant campaign data even after campaigns are expired.
  • Delete pending campaigns: Changed your mind on launching a campaign? With one click, you can now delete campaigns that are set to go live.

Continuing on the automation theme, we know that one of the biggest challenges for marketers is having the bandwidth to create, manage and distribute relevant and engaging content to your field. Our recent Social Media Content Study, which analyzed approximately 3.4 million posts from 77,000 advisors using our Advisor Social platform, revealed that lifestyle content has the highest engagement rate from advisors’ followers.
So, starting today, get access to fresh new content through our Small Business, Education Savings and Personal Finance channels. We deliver content for you, so that you can can automate the top-of-funnel awareness for your field.
While our next release is set for early September, we want to remind you that tomorrow (Tuesday, July 24) is our bi-annual product roadmap webinar, which will cover other upcoming advisor-first features. Register here.
Whether you are in foggy San Francisco, toasty New York City, somewhere in between or somewhere a bit farther away, we thank you for your partnership and look forward to celebrating our shared success as we amplify advisor productivity together.