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Hearsay’s June Product Release is Here

At Hearsay, we’re driven to make every advisor and team more productive. When engaging with clients and prospects, there is often no substitute for picking up the phone. Voice calls continue to be one of the most effective and efficient channels for advisors, so we acquired Mast Mobile’s technology in 2017 to strengthen our Advisor Cloud offering.
Today, as part of our latest product release, we’re thrilled to announce Hearsay Relate is now available. (Read our press release.)
Hearsay Relate is the mobile productivity app for advisors. It combines our new Hearsay Voice capabilities with the functionality of Hearsay Messages including compliant texting, call logging into customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and advisor-specific workflows.
Advisors can now call and compliantly text clients from a dedicated business number, making it much easier for your field to communicate with clients. Because our calls are connected through the underlying cellular network, not VoIP, our call quality is equivalent with the native calling experience on the advisor’s iPhone or Android device.
Advisors need a reliable solution in order to maximize client touchpoints – Hearsay Relate is uniquely positioned to provide a superior experience for advisors.
Hearsay Relate is built to make advisors more successful. Our solution also includes powerful productivity-boosting features, including:

  • The ability to delegate administrative tasks, such as scheduling meetings, to other members on the team
  • Artificial intelligence that simplifies common, industry-specific workflows, such as predictive, one-touch “quick replies” to ensure rapid response to clients
  • Pre-scheduling texts for annual review meeting confirmations, billing reminders, bond maturation and more

For the enterprise, Hearsay Relate allows corporate teams to be more prescriptive about how, when and where their advisors should engage with clients, all while staying within compliance. Features include:

  • Integration with core systems, such as CRM, that provides corporate teams with valuable data and more accurate visibility into what’s happening in the field
  • Intelligent engagement with clients by leveraging corporate data to drive improved and automated advisor workflows
  • Built-in compliance for recordkeeping requirements, including integration with enterprise archival systems
  • Automated supervision capabilities including predictive capabilities to block high-risk texts before they are sent and the ability to provide the full text thread to understand the context of any flagged conversation

With multiple ways to connect with clients, whether from the office or while on the road, advisors are now able to increase client touchpoints, provide better service and, ultimately, move business forward faster.
Our team is proud to release Hearsay Relate to our customers and advisor community. We welcome your input and thank you for your continuing partnership as we seek to transform the modern advisor-client experience.