Advisor Actions

Drive Outcomes Critical to your Business

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Trigger any workflow from any system

Advisor Actions enables us to partner with our customers to take on the biggest challenges facing financial services firms through prescriptive guidance, automation and tracking. And with every Hearsay activity captured for full transparency, leadership can now have real-time insight into their field’s activities within their CRM, marketing technology, or any core system.

Turn your advisor’s smartphone into a smart work system

Advisor Actions takes advisor mobile productivity to the next level with smart triggers and turnkey financial services-specific workflows that allows your field to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. Agents and advisors can turn their mobile phone into a smart work system and actualize the value of corporate marketing and business intelligence efforts.

Lead Conversion

With Advisor Actions, agents and advisors have the ability to quickly act, follow up and convert a potential new client lead or sell a new policy for an existing client or policyholder.

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Document Execution

For advisors and agents, completing the right forms and obtaining the right signatures can prove to be a headache. With Advisor Actions, quickly deliver the right documents, efficiently address any questions the client might have, and execute tasks in a timely manner.


Advisor Actions surfaces the customer intelligence and prescriptive prompts agents and advisors need to introduce new products and services to existing customers, at precisely the right moment.

Anything your business is trying to do.

Hearsay’s Advisor Actions trigger timely client outreach during critical moments, whatever they may be. We’ll partner with you to discover the right actionable workflows for your business, and then scope and build an implementation plan to automate it out across your field.

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