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Guide your Advisors/Agents to the Center of the Digital Client Journey

In high-consideration categories such as wealth management and life insurance, a trusted advisor is everything. So many other interactions in our daily lives are digitized and missing the human touch. But in wealth management, the complexity of financial decisions are higher and the value of advice more critical. That’s why clients are more apt to stay long-term, after fostering a connection with an advisor.

In fact, in wealth management and life insurance, the vast majority of the client experience happens through the agent/advisor. And yet most of the technology investment has been in other aspects of the client experience. If financial services organizations have invested in digitizing the service center, building a corporate marketing engine, or even introduced robo-advisors or banking apps, they still may not have optimized the most important technology opportunity—advisor/agent-client engagement. It’s the missing piece of the client experience platform.

Digitized service centers and mobile apps are important, but not differentiators. No one switches banks because of their mobile app. And competing on pricing and products has become increasingly untenable. Competitive advantage needs to come from better enabling the connections between agents/advisors and clients that deepen relationships and retain and grow business.

While a firm’s field advisors or agents are your most expensive channel, they are also the most effective—particularly when guided with best practices. A trusted relationship is the only thing clients are willing to pay a premium for.

Client journeys, both pre- and post-acquisition, naturally and organically flow across communication channels. It’s critical to help agents/advisors engage at just the right times to move clients along their journey. Advisors/Agents who engage too soon waste their time and might even spook a client, and agents/advisors who engage too late or are overly reactive instead of proactive miss out on valuable opportunities to make a difference during the moments that matter to clients.

The key to communicating at just the right time is for firms to proactively guide and capture that last mile of interactions. But for the most part today, the last mile is a black box, which means that corporate teams don’t have visibility into the most important part of the client journey.

An agent/advisor may receive a task or lead in their sales portal, and sometimes there is a conversion at the end; what happens in the middle is a mystery to the firm. Even though these 1:1 conversations are the most important, growth-oriented conversations happening across the entire system, there is little to no transparency to the firm.

That’s where Hearsay’s client engagement platform comes in. Hearsay enables corporate teams to capture those interactions and then analyze the activities that drove results. Corporate marketing teams can use these best practices to systematize the sales plays that work and guide every advisor/agent to act like your best advisor/agent.

Download this guide to learn the foundational strategies corporate marketing can use to give agents/advisors the head start they need to maximize a high-tech and right-touch approach.

Leslie Leach

Leslie Leach leads Hearsay’s marketing strategy and execution. She has more than two decades of experience in consumer and B2B marketing, with a B.A. in Economics from The University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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