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The ROI of Your Advisors’ and Agents’ Digital Presence

Learn about the ROI of digital relationships, digital validation, and what metrics you can share with your advisors and/or agents to measure their digital programs.

A strong digital presence is table stakes in today’s business world, and as with anything in business, it’s important to see ROI from the time and money you invest in such an endeavor. Building and maintaining an impactful digital program is something that can take significant resources, but the right tools can save your advisors and/or agents time that they can then re-invest where it matters most—with their clients.

When it comes to measuring the ROI of online presence, there is a direct correlation to a different kind of ROI: the ROI of relationships. A consistent digital presence is key to helping your advisors and/or agents build relationships with existing clients and nurture new ones. In fact, an overwhelming 87% of consumers begin their product searches online. This translates to researching advisors and agents on social media before even agreeing to a first call or meeting. When your advisors and agents have a compelling online presence, the ‘digital validation’ they get when prospects are in the research phase saves precious time.

Creating an online presence that stands out is a combination of defining the key metrics that are the most important to the objectives of your advisors and/or agents social program and then adhering to social media best practices in order to execute them. Once there are clear goals established for your field programs, specific metrics help measure each one.

Some examples of metrics you can share with your advisors and/or agents to measure their programs are:

  • Referral traffic: Track how customers found you and the source they used. Knowing how your customers are finding you helps you know where to focus your efforts as well as find the gaps where you want to grow your presence more.
  • Conversions: First determine how you define conversion for your business. Is it when someone registers for an event or when they sign up for your email list? It can differ depending on what you’ve determined leads to closing business.
  • Client engagement: Clients interact with you online with retweets, likes, comments, link clicks, shares, and mentions. Measuring client engagement helps you understand what’s resonating with your clients and what isn’t.
  • Brand reach: How many total followers do you have and what’s your audience growth rate? How many people do your posts reach when they in turn share your posts? Your message goes beyond your immediate audience.

Having a concise, measurable digital strategy is more than just a means to an end. It means remembering that there is also an ROI to relationships—and that those relationships are built one online interaction at a time.

To learn how to increase the ROI of your advisors’ and/or agents’ digital presence, check out the recording of our most recent admin webinar, or share these advisor/agent webinars where we discuss best practices to measure their online business, as well as how Hearsay tools can help them grow it, with your field.

Erica Spelman

Erica is a copywriter for Hearsay's Customer Training and Education Team.

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