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Reflections on Hearsay CKO: Connection and Inspiration for the Year to Come

Last week, the entire global Hearsay team united in person in New Orleans to get excited about all of the initiatives and outcomes we will be driving with our customers in 2020. One of the major benefits of having everyone together in one place is getting face time with people from all of the global offices. So often we are in our day to day, chatting with someone online or sending them an email with a request, but how often do you get to connect in person with employees across a global company?

We asked for takeaways on the kickoff from across the company, and here is what folks had to say:

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet and work with team members from various departments around the world. It allowed for some great knowledge sharing, department insights, and team building! Having everyone new to the city was also a fun touch as we were all open to exploring and being present for one another. We truly have a unique and talented team at Hearsay that I feel grateful to be a part of. Looking forward to taking the learnings from our Omnichannel Orchestrated Outcomes, one of our large customer’s motivating presentations and from the shared knowledge across the board to my upcoming client meetings!” – Cristine Sousa – Customer Success, Toronto, Canada

“CKO is one of my favorite times of year. As someone who works in a smaller office (we are growing fast though!) getting face time and meeting people in person is so beneficial. There’s also always a motivating and family-like atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and it really makes you feel like part of a bigger picture. I love it!” – Lauren Wyatt, Engineer, Seattle, Washington

“This was one of the best CKOs of my career! I was impressed by the coordination and it was of course also a ton of fun. Most importantly though I’m inspired by the vision for the next 5 years and look forward to deepening our partnerships with our strategic customers. Orchestrating hundreds of thousands of agents and advisors to leverage multiple channels to get everyone behaving (and performing!) like the top reps are going to be transformational to Financial Services and I’m proud to be a part of it!” – Matt Haney, Sales, New York

“Social is a key element to any advisor based digital transformation. However, Social in a silo is not good enough. It has to be combined with outcomes sought and the necessary orchestration with other channels to optimize its value in the digital ecosystem. Rarely does a customer journey start on one channel and stay on that same channel to conclusion.” – Adrian Del Busso, Sales, West Coast

“Any successful CKO has to focus on 2 different fronts: aligning on corporate outcomes and objectives, and connecting the people. I appreciate we took the time to reflect back on our prior year for areas to be better, as well looked ahead on where we need to go to be successful. Bringing everyone together in a city like New Orleans made it extremely fluid to bond in a city conducive of fun and silliness, which is immensely important to fostering a strong corporate culture.” – Roger Liang, Partnerships, San Francisco

“As a new Hearsay employee, I cannot imagine a better opportunity to meet individuals from every part of the company.  The cross-pollination of ideas, personalities, and experiences gave me deep insights into the company as a whole and helped me better understand our shared goals.  Meeting everyone on neutral ground in a fun and historically-rich location was an operations masterstroke. CKO 2020 was an absolute blast!” – Daryl Benzel, Full Stack Developer, Seattle

“We had so much fun in the product and design team breakout. Not only did we build structures with spaghetti and marshmallows as a team building exercise, but we also spent time envisioning future Hearsay products, and brainstormed how to get there. It was an eye-opening collaborative session.” – Yingying Zhang, Product Design, Seattle

Now that we’ve spent a great week connecting, we are more energized than ever to provide the maximum value for our customers in 2020!

Optimizing Your Multi-Channel Digital Presence

As digital tools become a more integral part of our daily lives, the days of doing business strictly in person are becoming a thing of the past. The best way to succeed in today’s increasingly connected world is to know how to best leverage digital tools in order to offer a holistic high-tech, high-touch approach that effectively reaches your customers. Building a dynamic online presence begins with understanding how clients search for you and the services you provide, by learning what kind of customized content to share – and knowing what story to tell – through each digital channel.

Today, clients spend a fair amount of time researching their options online before ever contacting prospective agents or advisors. As clients express more interest in controlling their path to purchase through digital channels, it’s crucial to know where you fit in. By establishing a strong digital presence and following a few best practices to optimize your approach, you can stay top of mind with potential clients long before you ever speak to them online or in person.

The first step in the new digital path to purchase is ensuring you have a strong online presence to help nurture strong leads and referrals. If a prospect tries to research you online and comes up empty, it means you’ve failed a simple digital validation; the conversation is over before it even starts. Prospective clients want to learn about who you are, what your credentials are, and read reviews about you before they can move forward with considering working with you. Creating and maintaining online profiles across different digital platforms introduces you to prospective leads and also helps you strengthen relationships with current clients.

Building an online presence also helps clients get to know you personally and build trust. Digital channels such as your website and social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give you the ability to do more than just share your contact information and professional offerings. Striking the right balance between sharing corporate, industry, and non-industry content can position you as a thought leader, a source of knowledge, and someone your clients can trust. More importantly, sharing curated, customized content to each channel regularly keeps you top of mind through digital nurturing.