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Biometric and In-App PIN Security to Enhance Secure Client Engagement via Texting are Here

New in-app PIN and biometric security features have been added to the Hearsay Relate mobile app to further mitigate end-user vulnerabilities and risk for your firm. Though we’re proud that we’re the first solution in the industry to offer this high level of privacy and security across both iOS and Android devices, for advisor texting and cellular calling capabilities, we also see it as an opportunity for our customers to provide their clients with an extra level of security and peace of mind.
As the financial services industry has begun to embrace BYOD corporate device policies, there’s been a steady increase in the rise of attacks on mobile devices. But there’s no going back. Advisors and agents need to be connected at all times and they need it to be easy. At the same time, corporate IT and compliance teams need secure and compliant solutions.

With over 9 years serving the heavily regulated financial services industry with forward-thinking and data-driven advisor-client engagement technology, compliance and security are in our DNA. We follow the regulatory guidelines closely and added these new security measures to ensure that every agent and advisor meets the mobile application security guidance provided in FINRA’s 2018 Report on Selected Cybersecurity Practices.
By adding biometric and PIN-based security features to Hearsay Relate, its innovative, compliant voice, text messaging, and advisor workflow product, Hearsay increases the protection available for both company and client data at the application level. Because this additional layer of security doesn’t require device management, it enables protection on managed and unmanaged devices to support all mobility models (BYOD, CYOD and COPE) without affecting end-user productivity. It provides advisors and agents with a simple and familiar way to securely access private client conversations.

New Features Make It Simple to Protect Client Data and Communications

Hearsay Relate provides a dedicated mobile business number for compliant texting and cellular calling across web and mobile devices. Every call and text are automatically logged to CRM and WORM-compliant archives, saving advisors and agents time-consuming data entry while enabling corporate visibility into field activity. The Relate application can also trigger click-to-call or click-to-text workflows from other corporate systems such as lead follow-up, billing reminders, or claim management. Additionally, Hearsay Relate leverages an automated FINRA compliance data model and supervision engine, which saves compliance officers hours of manual approvals per day.
With the latest security enhancements, Hearsay Relate utilizes the device’s preferred biometric security method – fingerprint or facial recognition – while providing a fallback option to use a unique in-app PIN to grant users nearly instant access to client conversations. This also ensures that sensitive data stored within the Relate application is protected behind an additional wall of security while preventing sensitive data from being accessed if a device is compromised. These features do not just safeguard from hackers. For example, if an agent’s or advisor’s child finds his or her parent’s phone, the child can’t start texting their clients.
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