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Get to Know Hearsay: Bryan Yeung, Director of Prototyping, Triggered Actions

Efficiency and innovation are the name of the game here in the Silicon Valley, and our Triggered Actions team at Hearsay is staying ahead of this trend for the financial services industry. In this employee spotlight, we wanted to introduce you to part of that team, Bryan Yeung, who’s helping to create a new era for agents and advisors. Get to know him here and find out more about the work he’s doing on our Triggered Actions team!

What is your role at Hearsay and how long have you been at the company?

I run rapid prototyping and solutioning for our newly formed Actions team. I began my career at Hearsay a year and a half ago on the sales team, in solutions consulting, and naturally progressed to the Actions team.

Why did you join Hearsay?

I joined Hearsay to build out our pre-sales functions, including optimizing the solutions consulting team, refining our product evaluation experience for customers, and advising/building our technical integrations across the revenue operations teams.
What I find notable about Hearsay is that concepts typically stand based on merit and not by their owner. I’ve had many ideas here replaced by better ones because they were well intentioned but not well informed. I subscribe to “Culture is what happens when no-one is looking.” When you see self-assembling teams critically vet their own thinking, as a manager it’s refreshing, as a participant it’s engaging, and as a shareholder it’s the only way your organization should scale.

What’s something that has surprised you about working with financial services institutions?

I think scale and reach. I spend a fair bit of time traveling across rural areas in the US, and many of our customers’ logos are found in all corners of this country. There aren’t many industries that have that type of reach, with that level of personal and local representation.

Where do you see Fintech heading?

I see an outsized opportunity to empower professionals to engage their clients in a relevant and material way.
I see an insurance agent with a view of their business through real-time updates, but – most importantly – the next most important items surfaced not for their rote execution, but for their professional judgement. I see a financial planner or wealth advisor with a path of possible outcomes for their clients, and clear methods for how to get them there.
Relevant and easily interpreted analyses surface at exactly the right time within the right context for easy implementation (one click in most cases). Risks are shown but, more importantly, the right pathways are automatically built to add the advisor or agent’s human expertise. Because implicit expertise and hidden wins are surfaced, bias can be positively addressed while improving outcomes for clients. This is a well placed use of our current technology and we can do this now.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I generally alternate between cooking, researching health and nutrition, spending time with family, and keeping our dog Jax from kitchen counter surfing.

What’s a skill you have that not many people know about?

I used to cook part time at a Japanese restaurant while also learning the pre-sales game.  Though spare time was fairly limited.

Greatest accomplishment to date and why?

A memorable event was a hiking race I completed, before endurance events became mainstream. Less than an hour in, we saw teams quitting. The first event of many was to figure out how to carry 100lbs of rocks, between two people for 6 miles…in addition to your 60ish pounds of gear each. In the 23 remaining hours, we slowly made it across the finish.

Brittany Hedin

Customer Marketing Manager
Brittany has been at Hearsay since October 2014 and works as a customer marketing manager. In her spare time, you can find her riding horses or in the mountains.

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