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Hearsay expands Advisor Cloud to partner with the critical systems you rely on

New integrations allow advisor firms and insurance companies to leverage Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore, DocuSign and more, to make high-quality social publishing, client engagement and field insights easier than ever

It’s no surprise that enterprises use a variety of tools in support of data-driven sales and marketing. No one platform can do everything you need. In theory, all of these tools make life easier and improve outcomes. But who among us hasn’t experienced the complexity of manually integrating data from two, three or more systems and putting it all together in Excel? Improving results and saving time with today’s software is only possible when systems talk to each other. At Hearsay, we’re doing our part by aligning our product and integration strategy alongside our customers needs.

System integration is nothing new to Hearsay; for years our customers have been able to sync Salesforce, Microsoft, or any other CRM they may be using, as well as their existing archiving vendor, using our compliant digital communications platform. Now, we have extended the Advisor Cloud platform further to integrate with other core systems, notably content management systems, e-signature, business intelligence, data visualization and more.

As we continue to expand the Hearsay platform to become a core component of our customers’ respective ecosystems, we are laser-focused on delivering solutions and workflows that complement and add to the systems our customers rely on every day.

Hearsay Integration Use Cases

The leading financial services firms leverage the Hearsay platform and our extensible APIs to solve critical challenges facing their businesses.

Share all content with Content Management Systems integration

By integrating with content management systems such as Adobe Experience Manager or Sitecore, your best-in-class corporate content can now be shared seamlessly with field advisors and agents with a single click.  Your field can now easily access your highest quality marketing content for quick and simple compliant distribution to their networks via social and personal websites. Firms can significantly expand the reach of marketing efforts, provide agents and advisors with the most engaging content, and more accurately measure content performance and the impact that content has in delivering results for the field. It saves marketers valuable time too, by eliminating the need to enter content into two different systems and syncing advisor/agent-client interactions back for tracking.

Enhance critical data points for Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Hearsay already provides embedded analytics, powered by Looker. But for customers using other business intelligence and data visualization platforms such as Tableau, Power BI or SAP BI, integrating Hearsay can help surface critical new data points. For instance, Hearsay Relate offers metadata that has been missing from customers’ core systems (texts, call data, etc.). By combining this with a tool like Tableau, sales leaders glean actionable insights, i.e. engagement data that can help identify gaps in coverage where reps are under-resourced. As a result, teams can operate far more efficiently.

Compliant document execution over any channel

Hearsay APIs also help automate and facilitate the timely execution of critical client documents. Hearsay integrates with Docusign, for instance, to deliver paperwork on the client’s preferred channel to advance advisor/agent productivity — all while remaining compliant. Then with Hearsay Relate, any questions about documents can be answered immediately. All of these activities are automatically logged into core systems so agents and advisors, as well as leadership, get a clear picture of the status of critical documents.

Is there something you want to integrate with Hearsay that’s not outlined here? We’d love to talk about it to see how we can support you.
While Hearsay APIs may be the most noteworthy release, we’ve made several other updates and upgrades since the year began. Customers can see them here.

William Warren

William Warren is part of Hearsay's product marketing team, focusing on bringing a financial services perspective to our advisor-client engagement platform.

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