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The Impact of 2019 Digital Trends on Advisor Email Outreach

Earlier this year, we predicted some high-level social and digital trends we believe will have significant influence in 2019. In this post, we’ll drill down into how each of these trends will affect your email marketing strategy specifically.

Trend 1: 1-to-1 Messaging – Email to Provide a Personal Touch

Email is the perfect medium for this trend. Even though email is an older communication channel than social media, it doesn’t mean it’s not just as important. Email creates a personal 1-to-1 connection between the sender and receiver just like letter writing once did. And it’s a two-way street: you can send an email to your prospects or customers and they can respond to you in kind.

The only issue with email tends to be time management. 1-to-1 digital touchpoints take time to create and manage. Generally speaking, the more personalized the experience is, the more time it takes to put together.

To make the most of your efforts, you can save time by using pre-written email templates designed to spark conversation as the base of your message. In addition, you can automate other processes (such as posting on social media or sending out appointment reminder texts), in order to create more time for you to focus on individual client relationships.

Trend 2: Building Trust Through Email

Building trust through email is rather simple: don’t spam and make sure your messaging isn’t too salesy in tone. Personalize each email you send, even if the majority of it comes from a template.
Here are some examples of how you can personalize your emails:

  • Did your contacts share some personal good news on Facebook or LinkedIn recently? Congratulate them!
  • Have you chatted about sports before? Add in a quick comment about how you think the season is going and ask them what they think.
  • Have your prospects recently celebrated a birthday? Wish them a happy birthday in your email!

Trend 3: Mimic Real-Time Social Content in Email

It’s difficult to create real-time content in email at scale, but it is possible for email power users to take advantage of this trend. Real-time events can include market changes, industry news, corporate updates and branch news. As a thought leader and industry expert with access to corporate or branch content, you can create editable templates for your content ahead of time to share follow-up communication soon after important news stories break.

If you’re sharing breaking news with your followers via social media, send a follow-up email to clients for whom the news hits most closely, as soon as you can. It’s ok if you’re a little late commenting on real-time events, as long as you provide a thoughtful response.

Trend 4: Email as a Part of Your Digital Ecosystem

As mentioned in our 2019 Social Trends for the Digital Advisor blog post, digital relationships between advisors/agents and their clients have become more complex. The best way to keep up is by making sure all of your digital touchpoints are connected with automation.

You can apply this follow-up framework to social posts as well. For example, if someone likes your post about savings tips, follow up with them in an email with an offer to jump on a call and discuss some retirement options you can provide.

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Chris Beck

As leader of Hearsay's customer education team, Chris Beck develops and manages customer education materials and initiatives to help our customers succeed.

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