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Publish More Content, Get More Compliant?

Hearsay Insights Proves It Can Happen

It might sound counterintuitive, but it’s true: the more content customers started publishing through Hearsay Social Dynamic campaigns, the less non-compliant content alerts started coming in. In 2018 there was a 52% increase in automated content published and at the same time a 46% decrease in alerts created.
Publishing 2017-2018                                             

Compliance Alerting 2017-2018

Let’s take a step back to the beginning of the story.

The Evolution from Suggested Posts to Social Automation

In 2017 a majority of our marketing admins focused their strategy on building up a robust content library that their field team could leverage for relevant posts. The advisor/agent would leverage the content and add their own individual touch to the post.

Enter automation. With 2018’s introduction of Dynamic Campaigns, marketing admins began to create automated campaigns which included content they added to their Hearsay libraries. With just a little bit of structure, it was now possible to enable the field with a fully automated campaign around any topic that may be of interest to their customer base. This meant that:

  • Marketing could now easily create full campaigns around industry topics like tax planning or college savings, or non-industry topics like holidays or health – any relevant topic for which they had content
  • With just a click they could notify advisors and agents that an automated campaign was available for subscription
  • Advisors and agents could subscribe to a campaign, essentially ‘set and forget’ their social media and let it work for them

It was easy for the field to know which campaign was right for them based on the campaign description: who was it designed for (social audience), who is best suited to participate (field) and how often content would be added.

Advisors and agents valued spending less time on their social media efforts. Whereas with individual content pieces or suggested posts, they often updated the ‘lead in’ (the post that marketing wrote for them attached to the article), with Dynamic Campaigns they placed control in the marketing teams hands in favor of time savings and increased productivity.

Since marketing knew all the rules and only provided pre-approved content in Dynamic Campaigns, and advisors and agents weren’t adding their personal flair to social postings, this organically led to a decrease in alerts.

2019 and Beyond: An Increase in Marketing Efficiency

In order to make the lives of our corporate marketing customers easier, we’ve prioritized ways to integrate with the tools they use to create and manage their corporate digital experience – tools like Adobe Experience Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Oracle Marketing Cloud. They have been able to easily push content from these tools to their corporate-owned channels, they were unable to reach the field advisor.

To create a better experience for both corporate and the field, late last year our Professional Services division began offering the ability to sync content between Hearsay and content management platforms. Using Hearsay APIs for 2-way sync between a client’s CMS and the Hearsay Content Library, corporate marketing teams can now avoid entering content in two locations and easily push content to the field. Time savings and increased productivity in one API! And advisors and agents can quickly access and easily share the same high-quality content being created by the corporate marketing team. Throughout 2019 we will continue to focus on scoping and customizing CMS system integrations with our clients. We look forward to helping you with yours!

Deep Kingra

Deep Kingra is a member of the Hearsay Systems Customer Success team. In his current role, he partners with Hearsay’s strategic accounts on social media program enablement. He brings an analytical and consultative approach to drive measurable business results and overall program success. Deep earned his J.D. from Cardozo School of Law.

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